Some Diagrams and Instrument Photos
SWAP Active Pixel Sensor Detector
LYRA instrument
Assembly, Integration and Verification (AIV)
The PROBA-2 spacecraft at the QuinetiQ cleanroom in 2009. The four reaction wheels and the interface unit are nicely visible.
Launch and Commissioning
Planetary Transits
PROBA2 experienced several planetary transits since launch. On 5 June 2012, Venus moved inside the field-of-view of the SWAP camera and resulting in interesting exposures. On the left, one can see a first contact image and a full movie is available on click.

Several solar eclipses has been observed in the past years. A full description of the interpretation of these eclipse movies is available.

On the right is a movie of the eclipse on 1 June 2011

The eclipse from 3 November 2013 on the left and right


A collection of eclipse movies ...
Filament Eruption Views
 Comet Lovejoy observed by Proba-2 in December 2011.
M2.5 solar flare eruption on 7 June 2011
 Beautiful post-flare arcade (15/10/2014)
SWAP and LYRA animation of flaring activities on 18 Cctober 2010.