Scientific Articles resulting from investigations of SWAP and LYRA can be found as private ADS library.


The Guest Investigator Program of PROBA2

A Guest Investigator Program is available to promote the use of PROBA2 data. Selected proposers are regularly invited to spend one or a few months with the PI teams to obtain expert knowledge on the instruments and to participate in the daily commanding of SWAP and LYRA. Each guest investigator will be reimbursed for travel, accommodation and living expenses.


Up to now, five calls for ideas for the PROBA2 Guest Investigator Program have been published. The first one came out in May 2010 and sollicited guest investigators for the period Sep 2010 until Sep 2011, the second call was published in May 2011, for visits between September 2011 and June 2012, the third call was published in June 2013 for visits between Septermber 2012 and Jun 2013, the fourth call was published in June 2013 for visits between Sep 2013 and Jun 2014, the fifth call for visits was published in April 2014 for visits between Aug 2014 and Apr 2015 and the current, Sixth call, sollicited guest investigators for the period Aug 2015 - Apr 2016.  Up to 2015, the PROBA2 Science Centre welcomed the following Guest Investigators:


Guest Investigators of 2010/2011
Investigators Instrument Title
Dipankar Banerjee & Krishna Prasad SWAP Transients and their role in heating and acceleration of the solar wind.
R. Kariyappa LYRA Understand the Solar UV & Lyman Alpha Irradiance Variability From LYRA Observations
Yulia Shugay SWAP Studies of coronal holes and solar wind velocity forecasts based on SWAP data analysis
Vladimir.Slemzin, Alexander Urnov, Louise Harra & Sergey Kuzin SWAP Study of the solar inner corona and search for quasi-stationary coronal streams from active regions using SWAP off-disk observations
Gael Cessateur LYRA Reconstructing the solar variability from bandpass measurements
Martin Snow LYRA Cross-Calibration and Comparison of LYRA and SOLSTICE
Ines Kienreich SWAP Drivers and character of EIT waves
Claire Raftery SWAP Connection between solar flares and CMEs
Serge Koutchmy, Boris Filippov & Ehsan Tavabi SWAP Investigation of Jet-like TR/ Coronal Phenomena and mini-CMEs in 171 and 304
Spiros Patsourakis SWAP Study of CME Onsets and EUV waves with SWAP on PROBA2
Nandita Srivastava SWAP Study of the pre-­‐eruptive and eruptive phase of filaments/prominences in EUV 17.5nm using SWAP telescope on PROBA2


Guest Investigators of 2011/2012
Investigator Instrument Title
David Long SWAP The relationship between the on-disk "EIT wave" and its associated CME
Vladimir Slemzin & Louise Harra SWAP Long-term study of the solar EUV corona, its dependence on the magnetic field structure and local sources of plasma outflow
Nicholas Labrosse LYRA Investigation of UV radiation of solar flares with LYRA
Grzegorz Michalek SWAP Study of the origin, evolution and geo-effectiveness of ‘narrow' CMEs
Yaroslav Egorov SWAP/LYRA Regularities of CME propagation in new solar cycle according to data from PROBA2, STEREO and LASCO
Jack Ireland LYRA Probing flare reconnection regions with LYRA and AIA
Paul Shearer SWAP Blind deconvolution technique for accurately estimating the PSF of SWAP



Guest Investigators of 2012/2013
Investigator Instrument Title
Farid Goryaev SWAP Study of EUV emission of the inner corona and its modeling using the PROBA2/SWAP and Hinode/EIS data
Muzhou Lu SWAP Observations and Modeling of Solar Coronal Structures Using High-Resolution Eclipse Images and Space-based telescopes with Wide FOV
Andrew Inglis LYRA Enhancing understanding of pulsations in flares using LYRA data
Maria Madjarska & Klaus Galsgaard SWAP EUV/Xray jets from coronal holes and the origin of the solar wind
Andrew Jones & Don McMullin LYRA Degradation analysis of SDO-EVE and PROBA-2 LYRA data
Jason Byrne SWAP Studying the Low-Corona Initiation Phase of CMEs
Nandita Srivastava SWAP/LYRA Role of eruptive filaments/prominences in initiation and propagation of CMEs in heliosphere using SWAP & LYRA Observations




Guest Investigators of 2013/2014
Investigator Instrument Title
V. Zigman LYRA Modelling flare induced ionization enhancements of the lower ionosphere with LYRA data.
A. Kobelski SWAP Studying AR-AR Reconnection after Flux Emergence.
N. Nitta SWAP/LYRA Studying the dome-like structure of large scale coronal propagating fronts and their relation with shock waves.
C. Bethge SWAP Combining SWAP and CoMP to study coronal pseudostreamers and their influence on solar wind speeds.
C. Guennou SWAP Performing tomographic reconstruction, in order to study the geometrical properties of coronal streamers.
D. Baker SWAP Investigating the nature and extent of large-scale AR loop expansion off-limb.
C. deForest SWAP Studying wave motion in the outer corona, as a tool for solar wind flow.



Guest Investigators of 2014/2015
Investigator Instrument Title
C. Arridge LYRA Solar EUV & solar wind effects on the ionosphere of Venus.
D. Banerjee SWAP Estimation of acceleration and evolution of angular width of Coronal Mass Ejections within SWAP FOV using CACTus.
J. de Patoul SWAP Morphology of evolution of plume and inter-plume regions.
L. Hayes LYRA Nature of red noise processes in solar flares and effect on observations of QPP.
J. Hutton SWAP/LYRA Search for active region expansion using PROBA2/SWAP.
J. Machol LYRA Investigation of solar flares at the Lyman-alpha wavelength with LYRA & GOES data



Guest Investigators of 2015/2016
Investigator Instrument Title
J. Carlyle LYRA Column Density Determination of Erupting Filament Material in Proba-2 Images.
J. Mason SWAP/LYRA Coronal Dimming Diagnostics In EUV Irradiance Measurements.
P. Bryans SWAP Studying the Origins of the Fast Solar Wind.
L. Feng & J. Plowman SWAP Morphology and Evolution of Three-dimensional CMEs and Coronal Waves. / Searching for EIT waves in coordinated SWAP and white-light observations
M. Kirk SWAP Mapping Solar Cycles Through Polar Coronal Holes.
S. Savage SWAP Using SWAP Data to Tie Coronal Flows to Flare Arcades Spines.
M. Meftah LYRA Analysis ot the Periodicities Present in the Spectra of PROBA2/LYRA and PICARD/SODISM