SPICE data, also known as "kernels" for ESA Planetary missions are produced by the ESA SPICE Service. Two types of data are available from this website:

  • Operational SPICE Kernel Datasets
  • PSA PDS Archived kernels

If you are not familiar with how to use SPICE data, we recommend you to read about the following explanation provided by NAIF.

To cite SPICE data produced by the ESA SPICE Service in your publications please use the DOIs indicated hereafter.


The ESA SPICE Service operates a repository that stores all the SPICE kernel Datasets (SKD) for ESA missions (when available). These kernels are for study, operational and missions or legacy missions and they are/were used for science operations and data analysis by the Science Ground Segments, Instrument Teams and scientists during the lifespan of the mission. These kernels where either generated or were accessible by the ESA SPICE Service.

These kernels are used during the day to day operations of the missions by the Science Ground Segment and the insturment teams and are usually automatically generated by a pipeline. These kernels are recommended for users that fall within the scope of the described applicability of the kernels. 

The operational SPICE Kernel Datasets are available via:

The data used for each mission can be found here:

  Status FTP repository BitBucket Zipped Version DOI
BepiColombo Operational spiftp.esac.esa.int BEPICOLOMBO BEPICOLOMBO.zip Release Notes


Venus Express Legacy spiftp.esac.esa.int VENUS-EXPRESS VENUS-EXPRESS.zip Release Notes 10.5270/esa-h3zbs8s
SMART-1 Legacy spiftp.esac.esa.int SMART-1 SMART-1.zip Release Notes 10.5270/esa-um8r1n0
Chandrayaan-1 Legacy spiftp.esac.esa.int       10.5270/esa-mfpmcbt
Small Bodies 
Rosetta Legacy spiftp.esac.esa.int ROSETTA ROSETTA.zip Release Notes 10.5270/esa-tyidsbu
Hera Studies spiftp.esac.esa.int hera hera.zip Release Notes  
Mars Express Operational ssols01.esac.esa.int MARS-EXPRESS MARS-EXPRESS.zip Release Notes 10.5270/esa-trn5vp1
ExoMars2016 Operational spiftp.esac.esa.int ExoMars2016 ExoMars2016.zip Release Notes 10.5270/esa-pwviqkg
ExoMarsRSP Studies spiftp.esac.esa.int ExoMarsRSP ExoMarsRSP.zip Release Notes 10.5270/esa-uvyv4w5
Outer Solar System
JUICE Studies spiftp.esac.esa.int JUICE JUICE.zip Release Notes 10.5270/esa-ybmj68p
HUYGENS Legacy spiftp.esac.esa.int HUYGENS HUYGENS.zip Release Notes 10.5270/esa-ssem3np
SOLAR-ORBITER Operational spiftp.esac.esa.int SOLAR-ORBITER SOLAR-ORBITER.zip Release Notes 10.5270/esa-kt1577e
Gaia Operational spiftp.esac.esa.int Gaia Gaia.zip Release Notes  


The original ancillary data used to produce the SPICE kernels (typically original from ESOC) are preserved and are accessible as indicated in the mission specific SPICE kernel repository.


The ESA SPICE Service creates an official, peer reviewed archive of the ESA missions SPICE data sets and stores them into the ESA's Planetary Science Archive (PSA). There, the archived SPICE data are available to anyone interested. The archive for each mission can be found here:

Mission Standard Link to Archive DOI
ExoMars 2016 PDS4 em16_spice 10.5270/esa-kfjsoi9
BepiColombo PDS4 Coming soon 10.5270/esa-m4c8r20
Mars-Express PDS3


Rosetta PDS3


Venus-Express PDS3




For each mission the kernels and associated descriptive information are provided as a single PDS data set. These are accumulating PDS data sets. For SPICE users who don't need the most recent flight operations kernels, acquiring these archived kernels using the PDS SPICE Archives link above is by far the best approach. This way you'll be sure to get the entire collection of archived kernels available as of the current archive date.