This is the web home for SPICE data for ExoMars 2016. For information about the mission operations, go to the ExoMars 2016 Science Operations web. For information about the scientific data, go to the ExoMars 2016 PSA web.


ESA, in collaboration with NAIF and the BepiColombo Instrument Teams, produce a whole set of SPICE kernels for BepiColombo (event kernels are not produced for ESA missions). Refer to the description of the ExoMars 2016 repository for information about naming conventions and time coverage for each of the kernels.

The ExoMars 2016 SPICE dataset consists of several SPICE kernels, organised as follows:

  • CK kernels. This kernels contain information about orientation of the space vehicle or any articulating structure on it.
  • FK kernels. Reference frame specifications. Definitions of, and specifications of, relationships between reference frames (coordinate systems). Among the frames kernels included, there are kernels that specify reference frames related to the earth and the spacecraft.
  • IK kernels. Kernels that hold intrument information, such as field of view or internal timing.
  • LSK kernel. This kernels hold a table with the leapseconds used to convert between ET and UTC.
  • MK kernel. Meta-kernels or furnsh kernels holds a set of SPICE kernels that build a kernel collection for a certain mission period. 
  • PCK kernels. These kernels provide information about Solar System bodies orientation and shape, and possibly parameters for gravitational, atmospheric or rings models.
  • SCLK kernel. This kernel (spacecraft clock coefficients) allows for conversion between ET and spacecraft clock. If there are multiple LSK kernels in this dataset, the latest kernel supersedes he previous ones. More information on the SCLK kernel(s) in this dataset is provided in SCLKINFO.TXT.
  • SPK kernels. Kernels with information about ephemeris (position and velocity) of the spacecraft and solar system bodies. The dataset provides such information for the planets, the Sun, the Moon, the New Norcia tracking station, several DSN tracking stations, and the spacecraft. More information on the SPK kernels in this dataset is provided in SPKINFO.TXT.


The ExoMars2016 SPICE repository contains all the operational kernels for ExoMars2016, organised by kernel type.

The latest operational meta-kernel can be seen here.

The Release notes of the latest version of the ExoMars 2016 kernel collection can be seen here. Please note that SPICE collection releases are not driven by SPL, CK and/or SCLK updates and/or additions by the operational pipeline.


Generic Kernels Provided by NAIF

NAIF generates kernels that are mission independent. Some of them are used by ESA missions:

  • Binary and text PCK and LSK kernels.
  • Some SPK kernels with ephemeris of the solar system bodies.
  • SPK kernels for ground stations.
  • Frames kernels for ground stations.

Kernels generated by SPICE Service and the ExoMars 2016 Science Ground Segment

The ESA SPICE Team and BepiColombo SGS collaborate with the Intrument Teams and Mission Analyisis to create kernels for ExoMars 2016:

  • SPK kernels with trajectory of the TGO and EDM provided by Flight Dyamics and Mission Analysis.
  • CK kernels with orientation of TGO created by ESAC SPICE Service.
  • The instrument kernels (IK) have beend eveloped by ESAC SPICE Service, in collaboration with the instrument teams.
  • The ExoMars 2016 frames kernel has been created by the ESAC SPICE Service.
  • RSSD frames kernel.


If you want to receive updates and notifications for SPICE for ExoMars 2016 you might join the SPICE_EM16 mailing list here.

You can also join the #SPICE channel in the OpenPlanetary Group in Slack. You can access using this link. And you can register for the Group here.