SCI Science Workshop #10

Barcelo Aranjuez Hotel Nov 13-15 2017

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The main purpose of this workshop was to present and discuss the science research of scientists in SCI-S and SCI-O.  It is an opportunity to "stretch" our abilities by trying to understand topics which we do not normally follow. It allows us to broaden our skill set and foster inter site as well as inter project cooperation in research activities.

The 10th Inter-Departmental Science Workshop took place from the afternoon of Nov 13 until the afternoon of Nov 15 2017 at the Hotel Barceló in the historic town of Aranjuez, which lies only 48 km from Madrid, Spain.


Organising Committee: Patrick Martin, Michael Küppers, Anik De Groof, Mark Kidger, Alba Alcol, Jan Tauber, Kate Isaak, Janine Pforr, Dima Titov and Mylene Riemens.

This event is co-organised by SCI-O, ESAC and ESTEC Science Faculty.