SCI Science Workshop 15


Akersloot, Netherlands

30 Nov - 2 Dec 2022




The 15th Science Workshop (SSW) will take place during the period 30 Nov - 2 Dec 2022, in The Netherlands.

The main purpose of this workshop is to present and discuss the science research that scientists in SCI-S and are doing. It is an opportunity to “stretch” our abilities by trying to understand topics which we do not normally follow. It allows us to broaden our skill set and foster inter-site as well as inter-project cooperation in research activities. As per the experience gained in the previous few such meetings, this year’s is also being arranged off-site and on a residential basis as this additionally gives us the opportunity to get to know our colleagues better. 


The lovely and happy crowd of participants, THANKS to everybody for joining, in person and online! It was GREAT fun with all of you! And lots of exciting ESA science discussed! 


Organising Committee

This event is co-organised by SCI-S, the ESTEC Faculty and the ESAC+STScI Faculty.

  • Lisanne Braat (ESTEC) 
  • Jos de Bruijne (ESTEC) 
  • Ana Heras (ESTEC) 
  • Marcos Lopez Caniego (ESAC) 
  • Giovanna Giardino (ESTEC) 
  • Matteo Guainazzi (ESTEC) 
  • Maximilian Guenther (ESTEC) 
  • Laura Hayes (ESTEC) 
  • Peter Kretschmar (ESAC) 
  • Erik Kuulkers (ESTEC) 
  • Theresa Lueftinger (ESTEC) 
  • Bruno Merin (ESAC) 
  • Sophie Musset (ESTEC) 
  • Chris Nelson (ESTEC) 
  • Jan-Uwe Ness (ESAC) 
  • Tim Rawle (STScI) 
  • Lucie Riu (ESAC) 
  • Paule Sonnentrucker (STScI) 
  • Jan Tauber (ESTEC) 
  • Colin Wilson (ESTEC) 
  • Jack Wright (ESAC) 
  • Mylene Riemens (ESTEC) 
  • Alba Alcol (ESAC)  


Scientific ProgrammE:  

The programme of our SSW#15 is available here and here in .pdf format 

The Abstract boolet is linked here: Abstracts SSW#15



Some logistics: the programme, as currently foreseen, will run from 14:30 on the first day (after arrival and time for lunch) to 13:30 (after lunch) on Friday. The times of the shuttle buses from the Airport/ESTEC to Akersloot and back to ESTEC/Airport will be set to fit these beginning and end times, the foreseen times are listed below. 

Bus transport to Hotel Akersloot on 30 Nov

  • For ESTEC participants: the bus will leave from the main entrance (in front of Reception) at 11:30 sharp on Wednesday.
  • For ESAC participants: the Brouwer bus will be waiting in the coach lane in front of the main exit from the Arrivals Hall. You are due to leave at 12:00, but the bus will wait in case of a flight delay.

For those arriving by car or by other means, the address of the hotel is:

Hotel Akersloot, Geesterweg 1a, 1921 NV Akersloot 

Bus transport to airport Schiphol and to ESTEC on 02 Dec 

  • 13:30 Bus for Schiphol leaving 
  • 14:00 Bus for ESTEC leaving 

Talks & posters

  • For those giving a talk: a Mac and a Windows laptop will be present and all talks will be projected from these. Please upload your talk slides well ahead of your session to our SSW#15 Teams channel, we have created a "Slides" directory there! Please help your session chairs by providing them with your talk at least an hour in advance of your session, and keep within your allocated times!
  • Speakers should keep in mind that they are addressing a diverse audience, and need to introduce their subject adequately.
  • Session chairs are requested to manage the time assigned to their session strictly.
  • For those bringing a poster: the poster boards are located in the meeting room (Europazaal). The size of the poster boards is 200 cm high and 103 cm wide. Please mount your poster before the start of the workshop (14:30) or during the afternoon coffee break (15:45-16:15).

Please note that the posters are in the same room as the talks. Any discussions should really stop once the session starts - or move to another location.

A summary on all logistics information can be found in this .pdf


Important Dates  

  • Deadline for registration:             02 September 2022
  • Deadline for abstract submission: 30 September 2022 
    • You are welcome to submit up to two abstracts as first author, but the second one should be a poster abstract by default.     
  • Programme out:                          Mid of November  
  • Deadline for poster submission:    21 November 2022, measures of poster boards: 200 cm high and 103 cm wide, please use the format you see fit best for the needs of your poster design within theses measures.  


Code of Conduct

All registered participants are expected to take note of the SSW Code of Conduct

It was also reminded that all work at ESA requires following the ESA Behavioural Guide.


COVID-19: recommendations 

Although official COVID-19 measures are not in place currently in The Netherlands, we are aware that the pandemic situation is still continuing and cases might rise while fully getting into the winter season. We would of course like to foster an as safe as possible environment for everybody taking part in our SSW#15 and in the light of this, we kindly ask you to consider any measure we are well used to in the meantime, as keeping distance, when appropriate, wear facial masks, in case the situation suggests, and keep to recommended sanitary measures (regularly washing hands, etc.). In case you have symptoms that could potentially be related to a COVID-19 infection, please consider taking part remotely (from your home office or the room at the venue, in case symptoms occur only after arrival).

To keep our meeting as safe as possible for everybody, we do provide a small amount of facial masks and antigen tests (e.g. if you need to test upon developing symptoms) but you may also want to consider bringing your own masks and antigen tests just in case.



All registered participants are expected to take note of the generic SCI Conferences Privacy Notice