SCI Science Workshop 14

Hotel Occidental Barcelo Aranjuez

10-12 Nov 2021





The main purpose of this workshop is to present and discuss the science research that scientists in SCI are doing.  It is an opportunity to "stretch" our abilities by trying to understand topics which we do not normally follow. It allows us to broaden our skill set and foster inter site as well as inter project cooperation in research activities. 

The 14th SCI Science Workshop took place from the afternoon of Wednesday Nov 10 until the afternoon of Friday Nov 12 2021 in the historic town of Aranjuez, which is located around 50 km south of Madrid, Spain.



Organising Committee

  • Alba Alcol (ESAC)
  • Ines Belgacem (ESAC RF)
  • Johannes Benkhoff (ESTEC)
  • Isabel Caballero (ESAC)
  • Patricia Cruz (CAB)
  • Matteo Guainazzi (ESTEC)
  • Oliver Jennrich (ESTEC)
  • Tereza Jerabkova (ESTEC RF)
  • Erik Kuulkers (ESTEC)
  • Alvaro Labiano (CAB)
  • Andrew Lobban (ESAC RF)
  • Marcos Lopez-Caniego (ESAC)
  • Jan-Uwe Ness (ESAC)
  • Theresa Lüftinger (ESTEC)
  • Tim Rawle (Baltimore)
  • Mylene Riemens (ESTEC)
  • Jan Tauber (ESTEC)

This event is co-organised by SCI-S, ESAC+Baltimore and ESTEC Science Faculty.


Code of Conduct

All registered participants, especially those registered in person, were expected to take note of the Code of Conduct

It was also reminded that all work at ESA requires following the ESA Behavioural Guide.



The final Programme of SSW-14 is available in PDF format


Abstract Booklet

The SSW-14 Abstract Book is also available in PDF format (for Faculty members only).


Hybrid Format

The meeting took place in the Hotel Occidental: 92 participants in the hotel, and 44 registered virtual attendants.

The programme contained the following components:

  • Talks

    • The first talk by Iris Nijman (30 minutes) was about story telling, intended to inspire all speakers

    • The speaker programme was structured in sessions with 3-6 talks of 15 minutes duration (including questions)

    • The order of talks in each session was randomized via a lottery (the Final Programme above contains the actual order)

  • Posters

    • Printed posters were optional, brought to the venue and displayed in the coffee area but could only be viewed by participants at the venue

    • Virtual posters in Teams could be viewed by all participants


     A list of participants in alphabetical order is available in PDF format (for to Faculty members only).