First Inter-Departmental Workshop

The first SRE Inter -Departmental Workshop was held on 28th and 29th August 2008.

Please find the talk schedule below, along with links to the presentations themselves, which will download as a .zip file.

Thanks to all those who contributed, including Sun Deby for assistance in sorting all the submissions

and a big thanks to Clare Bingham for organising the BBQ!


Thursday 28th August 2008
Time   Author Title
 Session Chair: Gerhard Schwehm
13:00   Martin Kessler Introduction and Welcome
13:15   Leo Metcalfe/ Matt Taylor The Faculty
13:30   Pierre Vernazza Physical Characterization of very young Stars
13:45   Guido De Marchi Watching stars grow
14:00   Lucia Ballo Probing the nature of X-ray weak QSOs: the XMM contribution
14:15   Olivier Witasse Upper planetary atmospheres
14:30   Bruno Merin New Spitzer results on protoplanetary disk evolution and planet formation
14:45   Timo Prusti Infrared activity of UX Ori variables
15:15   Torsten Böker

Properties of Nuclear Star Clusters


Session Chair: Martin Kessler
16:00   Ruth Ziethe A Consistent Model of Planet Formation and Differentiation
16:15   Celia Sanchez-Fernandez INTERGRAL observations of the X-ray burster XTE J7138-285
16:30   Stephano Bianchi A Catalogue of AGN in the XMM-Newton Archive
16:45   Årne Asnes Electron Beams in a near Earth reconnection event.
17:00   Giovanna Giardino The X-ray luminosity of intermediate-age solar mass stars
17:15   Nick Cox Search for extended dust emission around evolved stars with AKARI/FIS
17:30   Göran Pilbratt Debris Disks around nearby stars
 17:45   Daniel Mueller HelioViewer - A Discovery Infrastructure for Complex Data
End of Day and BBQ!
Friday 29th August 2008
Session Chair: Peter Kretschmar
08:45   Matt Taylor Boundary Layers i've known and loved and looked at from many different angles

Stefan Peters

Anouk Borst

Study of lunar circular basins: Isotasy and flexure of mascon regions

Geological and Geochemical analysis of South Pole-Aitken Basin

09:15   Roland Vavrek  ESA participation to the Herschel Key Programme of massive star formation survey (HOBYS)
09:30   Anna Lia Longinotti FERO (Finding Extreme Relativistic Objects): statistics of relativistic Fe K alpha lines in XMM- Newton AGNs
09:45   Bruno Altieri A PACS survey through gravitationally lensing galaxy clusters
10:00   Michael Küppers The Fate of the Fragments of Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3
10:15   Achille Nucita High resolution spectroscopy with XMM-Newton RGS: obscured and unobscured AGNs
10:30   Coffee
Session Chair: Matteo Guinazzi
11:00   Albrecht Schmidt Data Lineage, Workflows, and Science Products
11:15   Richard Marsden Energetic Particle measurements in the 3-D heliosphere
11:30   Frederic Schmidt Mapping the CO2 sublimation of the southern hemisphere of Mars
11:45   Björn Grieger Observing Gravitational Microlensing with Parallax by OSIRIS
12:00   Cyril Simon
Dayglow on Mars: kinetic modelling with SPICAM UV limb data
12:15   Peter Kretschmar A clearer view on accreting X-Ray pulsars
12:30   Miguel Almeida First Assessment of the AMIE SMART-1 multi-spectral data
12:45   Lunch
Session Chair: Antonella Nota
13:45   Nicolas Andre (withdrawn) Stratification -driven instabilities in the Jovian, Kronian and Terrestrial magnetospheres: Theory and Application

Danielle Wills

Euan Monaghan

Preparation of samples for ORGANICS/EXPOSE-R on ISS

Survey of Martian sites of astrobiological interest for lander and sample-return

14:15   Antony Marston Cool Environments Around evolved massive stars as seen by AKARI
14:30   Michele Armano LISA and the LISA Technology Package: the operative construction of TT-gauged coordinates in space
14:45   Fabrice Cipriani Coupling between Europa's thin atmosphere and surface: a focus on the alkali content and an experiment at ESTEC to improve the sensitivity of future mass spectrometers
15:00   Stefania Carpano  The detection of transiting extrasolar planets with CoRoT: light curves analysis
15:15   Coffee
Session Chair: Matt Taylor
15:45   Arnaud Masson Waves in Space -from Zoology to scientific interest
16:00   Jesús Falcón-Barroso Nuclear Star-Forming Rings in Spiral Galaxies
16:15   Oliver Jennrich LISA and the Hubble Constant
16:30   Jessica Agarwal The Dust trail of Comet 67P/Chuyumov-Gerasimenko
16:45   Bernard Foing Complex organics in space/ Results from Moon and Mars Research
               Workshop Closed by Martin Kessler