You clicked on a Pressure Transducer

There are three pressure transducers on the spacecraft, all are part of the Reaction Control Subsystem. Transducer q1 is mounted between the fuel tank propellant hemisphere and the latching valves and measures the tank pressure. Transducers a2 and c2 are mounted between the fuel filters and the thruster blocks, downstream of the latching valves and measure the fuel pressure in each of the truster branches. For a clearer view of the role of pressure transducers, see the Reaction Control Subsystem connectivity diagram. To see the locations of the other pressure transducers, click below to go to that area of the Upper Equipment Bay diagram.


The following telemetry is available from the transducers:

R007 TAN PRESS Tank pressure from transducer q1.

R010 MAN1 PRESS Thruster branch 1 pressure from transducer a2.

R013 MAN2 PRESS Thruster branch 2 pressure from transducer c2.