CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme

Welcome to the website for the CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme. These pages will be populated in the run-up to the first Announcement of Opportunity (AO-1) for the CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme.





In recent communications, under the assumption of a launch in early 2019, we have been advertising that the first Announcement of Opportunity (AO-1) for the ESA-run CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme was foreseen to come out on the 10th September 2018.

The ESA CHEOPS Project Team is awaiting definition by the launch service provider, Arianespace, of the actual CHEOPS launch period, which was proposed as February to June 2019, but is not yet confirmed. As known, CHEOPS is an auxiliary passenger and is not driving the launch date. We expect to receive confirmation and further details in the next couple of months. With this information in-hand, we will be able to define the new timeline for the call which will be shared with the Community as soon as it has been confirmed.



In the meantime,  an overview of the opportunities that CHEOPS presents for the Community may be found from the following:

  • A factsheet providing an overview of the CHEOPS mission, its capabilities and performances and how to observe with CHEOPS can be downloaded from here.


  • A poster providing an overview of the CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme has been presented at a number of conferences in the last 18 months. The most recent copy of the poster can be downloaded from here.


  • Presentations and resources from CHEOPS Open Time Workshop held in July 2017 at Schloss Seggau (Austria) can be found at this link.  The workshop was designed to inform the Community User about CHEOPS and the Guest Observers' Programme. Talks provided an overview of the mission -- its capabilities, scientific objectives,  payload and specifications, observing modes and performances, schedule and data products --  as well details on how to apply for observing time on CHEOPS, to observe with CHEOPS and to access CHEOPS data. Hands-on demonstrations were provided to enable users to see and use the tools that will be available to support the observer through all steps of the CHEOPS observing process: from proposal preparation, through observation preparation to archive access to CHEOPS data.


Important Notes:

  • The presentations at the CHEOPS Open Time Workshop provide a comprehensive overview of key aspects of the CHEOPS mission, including the Guest Observers Programme, as of July 2017.  Details of the CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme have been precised for AO-1; new issues of the tools available to support the user have also been made. Potential applicants to the CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme are reminded that material provided for AO-1 will always supercede that presented at the workshop.


  • Observers wishing to submit proposals for the Guest Observers Programme will require user credentials to access the proposal submission tool. Processing of requests may take a couple of days. It is strongly recommended that anyone thinking of submitting a proposal requests credentials as soon after the call opens as possible. Details of how to request credentials will be provided in the AO-1 documentation.