CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme

20% of science observing time on CHEOPS is made available to the scientific community to conduct investigations of their choice in the form of an ESA-run Guest Observers’ (GO) Programme. Proposals for GO Programme observing time will be solicited through a series of annual Announcements of Opportunity (AOs). In order to allow new targets to also be included in the GO programme at any time during the mission, up to 25% of the open time will be allocated as Discretionary Time (DT), as part of the Discretionary Programme. This will be overseen by ESA, in consultation with the chair of the TAC and the CHEOPS PI.

On this website we provide the links to key information relevant to the guest observer.


  • On the 19 March the first AO for proposals for the Guest Observers Programme came out. All information relevant to AO-1 can be found at this link.