EnVision on-ground data processing and products

Data downlink and on-gRound data processing

The measurements by the EnVision instruments and experiment in Venus orbit, are down-linked to Earth where the data are further calibrated and processed to yield the geophysical data products. The data processing is done by the respective instrument teams, and sent to the ESA Planetary Science Archive (PSA) for storage and public data access.

High-level view of the EnVision data down-link and data processing.


EnVision data prodUcts

​​​​​The EnVision data products are described in detail in the EnVision Science Requirements Document (SciRD) and EnVision Yellow Book, and can be summarized as follows

Table 1: EnVision Derived Data products. rms: root-mean-square, ppm: parts per million, UV: Ultra-violet, near-IR: near InfraRed.

​​​​​​The EnVision data products will be formated and archived according to the NASA and ESA PDS4 standard.


Table 2: EnVision data levels (PDS4 standard), definition, and responsibilities. Calibrated data products will become available within 6 months of datatake.