Venus Science Coordiation Group (VeSCoor)

A new era of Venus science investigation has commenced thanks to the selection of three complementary Venus missions (ESA's Medium-class mission EnVision and NASA's two Discovery missions, VERITAS and DAVINCI). With these missions planned to visit Venus in the next 10-15 years, ESA and NASA deemed it timely to establish a Venus Science Coordination group (VeSCoor).

VeSCoor is a Venus missions forum for dialogue within the broader Venus scientific community, in support of the upcoming ESA and NASA missions to Venus. VeSCoor's primary goal is to identify new, unanticipated scientific approaches and outcomes based on synergies among the missions to Venus and suggest studies to enhance overall scientific return.

VeSCoor will not evaluate or propose changes to the current mission profiles, scientific objectives, or requirements.

ESA selected members:

NASA selected members:

Mission representatives:

NASA and ESA observers:

  • Dr. Lindsay Hays (NASA HQ, DAVINCI Program Scientist)
  • Dr. Mitch Schulte (NASA HQ, EnVision and VERITAS Program Scientist)
  • Dr. Anne Grete Straume-Lindner (ESA, EnVision Project Scientist)
  • Dr. Ramon de Paula (NASA HQ, EnVision Program Executive)
  • Dr. Luigi Colangeli (Coordination Office of the ESA Science Programme)


An artist's impression of a volcanic eruption on Venus. Credits: ESA/AOES Medialab.

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