Euclid Archive Users Group

The EAUG collects and documents the scenarios for the usage of the Euclid Archive to support the scientific use of the Euclid data. These scenarios shall be a reference for the definition of the Euclid Archive requirements, in addition to the engineering requirements necessary for other functions of the SGS. 


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Meeting dates

2016-06-03 EAUG#7, Consortium Meeting, Lisbon
2015-06-10 EAUG#6, Consortium Meeting, Lausanne


EAUG#4, Consortium Meeting, Marseille - further info (login required)
2013-12-10 EAUG#3, ESAC Madrid






M. Sauvage -  EC SGS scientist (Co-Chair)
CEA/SAp Saclay

B. Altieri - ESA Archive Scientist (Co-Chair)
A. Belikov - EC Archive Team 
Univ. Groningen
R. Laureijs - Euclid project scientist
S. Wachter - EC calibration lead scientist
MPIA Heidelberg
J. Hoar - ESA Science Operations Development Manager
C. Dabin - EC SGS System Engineer
CNES Toulouse
O.R. Williams - EC Archive Team
Univ. Groningen
C. Arviset - ESA Archive Team
J. Brinchmann - Legacy Science representative
Univ. Leiden
G. Buenadicha -  ESA Science Operations System Engineer
J. Mohr -  EST Legacy Scientist 
LMU Munich
I. Baldry -  EST Legacy Scientist 
JMU Liverpool
E. Martin -  EST Legacy Scientist 
CAB/INTA Torrejón de Ardoz - Madrid