Euclid Organisation at ESA - Overview



Euclid Organisation


The figure above shows the parties involved for the science management, arrows indicate main reporting (black) or coordination (dashed red) lines.

The ESA project manager heads the project team, taking care of the overall development and industrial contracts, until spacecraft commissioning. During this period of the project, the Mission Operations Centre (MOC) and Science Operations Centre (SOC) are in development and report to the Project Manager. During nominal operations after commissioning, the project team is disbanded and Euclid is managed by the Mission Manager. The Euclid Science Ground Segment includes the SOC and the Science Data Centres (SDCs) of the EMC(1). The Project Scientist from ESA chairs the Euclid Science Team which advises ESA.

(1) The EMC stands for the Euclid Mission Consortium, which became the Euclid Consortium (EC) after they were selected in 2011. The EC Lead is Prof. Yannick Mellier (IAP, Paris); the EC also provides the VIS and NISP instruments to ESA.


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