Euclid at ESTEC

ESTEC general information can be found here.

ESTEC hosts the following groups supporting Euclid:

  • Euclid Project Team
    During the development phase of the mission, the Euclid Project Manager, supported by his team, has the overarching responsibility for all aspects of the Euclid mission. 

    Team Composition:

    Giuseppe Racca - Euclid Project Manager
    Prisca Mühlmann - Contract officer

    Osvaldo Piersanti - AIV and launch manager
    Sylvain Prezelius - PA manager
    Jean-Christophe Salvignol - Mission and payload manager
    Pierluigi Rosato - Project Control manager
    Luca Stagnaro - Spacecraft engineering manager

    Adriano Calvi - Mechanical and thermal engineer
    Cyril Colombo - Software and ground segment engineer
    Valentina Lesna - Planning Engineer
    Jose Lorenzo Alvarez - Requirements and performance engineer
    Elena Maiorano - Avionics engineer
    Gonzalo Saavedra Criado - System and AOCS engineer
    Alex Short - VIS payload engineer
    Paolo Strada - NISP payload engineer
    Luis Miguel Gaspar Venancio - telescope / optical engineer

    René Laureijs - Project scientist
    Roland Vavrek - Performance scientist / Deputy project scientist - based at ESAC

  • ESA Communications
  • Euclid Detector Test Facilities at SRE-F
    SRE-F (Future Missions Preparation Office) host laboratory facilities to test the Euclid CCDs and H2RG sensors.

    Key persons

    Pierre-Elie Crouzet - Detector Specialist (NIR detectors)
    Tim Oosterbroek - Analysis physicist
    Thibaut Prod'homme - Analysis physicist
    Peter Verhoeve - Detector specialist (CCDs)