Where is Euclid observing


We here make publicly available the information on the Euclid survey plan; this material is addressed to the scientific community, who may benefit from knowing in advance where Euclid will be observing.
WARNING: This allows the general scientific community to anticipate to future Euclid observations, however no guarantees are provided that any given field will be successfully observed at the specified time.

  • The Mission Operations Concept Document part C version 4.2 (MOCDC_v4.2.pdf) describes the Reference Survey Definition RSD_2024A. This describes the sequence of pointings, auxiliary fields, calibration observations, to be followed by Euclid as it operates in a step-and-stare mode from its orbital position, for the whole nominal survey.

  • The schedule (rsd2024b-schedule.pdf) is included and described in MOCDC_v4.2.pdf and attached here for convenience.

  • The rsd2024b.txt includes the full schedule with times and pointings.

  • The maps below show what Euclid has already observed so far (in light green, last update 10th June 2024) in the north and south hemispheres. The darker grid, shows what Euclid is meant to observe within the end of the current year (*).

    (*) Maps are courtesy of Pierre Casenove.