Euclid at ESAC

ESAC general information can be found here.

ESAC hosts the Euclid Science Operations Centre

The  Euclid Science Operations Centre (SOC) acts as the central node for the mission planning, performs an initial quality check and processing of the data and makes the telemetry available to the remainder of the SGS. The SOC is also responsible for the development and operations of the Euclid Archive. The SOC populates and maintains the archive and delivers the data products to the general scientific community.

The Euclid team at ESAC

John Hoar - SOC Operations Development Manager

Guillermo Buenadicha - SOC System Engineer

Luca Conversi - Instrument Operations Scientist

Pedro Gomez-Alvarez  - Euclid Survey & Mission Planning Engineer

Julio Gallegos - Product Assurance Engineer

Bruno Altieri - Euclid Archive Scientist

Ralf Kohley - Instrument Operations Scientist

Roland Vavrek - Performance Scientist / Deputy Project Scientist

Xavier Dupac - Euclid Survey Scientist

Jose Carlos Gonzalez - Euclid Systems & Software Engineer

Matteo Miluzio - Euclid Systems & Software Engineer

Sara Nieto - Euclid Archive Software Engineer

Pilar de Teodoro - Euclid Archive Database Analyst