EXOSAT 35-Year Reunion

EXOSAT 35-Years reunion photo


On 24-25 May 2018 many of the EXOSAT participants gathered at ESAC to celebrate 35 years since the launch (26 May 1983). Together with other European-led missions such as ROSAT and BeppoSAX, EXOSAT helped ensure that the European high-energy community was ready for its next challenge - to scientifically exploit data from ESA's next X-ray observatory, XMM-Newton. 

Here are links to the presentations:

Author Presentation
G. Hasinger The ESA Science Programme
B. Taylor, D. Andresen, R. Zobl & P. de Korte HELOS to EXOSAT - The Early Years
D. Andrews The EXOSAT Observatory
A. Parkes Mission Operations
A. Parmar EXOSAT's Scientific Legacy
J. Trümper Compact Galactic Objects with EXOSAT
K. Pounds AGN with EXOSAT
J. Bleeker High-Resolution Spectroscopy
D. Baines The ESA Sky Visualisation Tool
G. Branduardi-Raymont The Science of Athena
R. Willingale Technical Challenges: X-ray Optics
P. de Korte Technical Challenges: Transition Edge Sensors
M. Kessler ESAC - ESA's Science Operations Centre


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