Gaia USER account


Below you can subscribe for a Gaia user account.

With a Gaia user account, you are able to login to the Gaia Archive where you will have access to some additional features like your own user space. This personal user space in the Gaia Archive allows you to upload some of your own data to use in combination with Gaia data. Also, you have the option to share some of your search results with other users of the Gaia Archive. This enables collaboration on the same dataset.

As a Gaia user, you can also subscribe to the Gaia Mission newsletter after completion of the registration by checking the respective box on this page.

By filling out your email address, a check will be performed to see if you already have an ESA mission related account. If so, we prefer to assign your Gaia user credentials to that account. If not, you will be able to follow the registration process. The only information needed are a name and your email address. The email address will be used to allow you to set (and reset) your password. All other information is optional.

More information on our privacy policy can be found here.

After completion of registration you can update your Gaia user account at any time after logging in through the upper right corner.

By entering your data, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

To contact the site administrator of the Gaia users portal, contact the Gaia Helpdesk.



I followed the registration instructions but did not receive the verification code. Why?

Make sure to check your junk folder to see if the email was sent there.

Also, please be aware that usage of numbers when filling out your name is not allowed. This will result in the verification code not being sent out. Just repeat the process of registration but now without entering any numbers into the name fields. If you still encounter problems, please contact the Gaia helpdesk.

I filled out everything but the request cannot be processed. Why?

This may be caused by the use of special characters or the use of numbers in the name fields. Please try again without numbers or special characters. You can later always still update your username after logging in.

Maybe, your email address is already in use for an account and you are trying to register with the same email address. An email address can only be used once for the creation of an account. Please try with a different alternative email address.