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Graphical User Interface


The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the Gaia ESA Archive offers the possibility to carry out basic and advanced queries using ADQL (Astronomical Data Query Language). The outputs of these queries can be easily downloaded in a variety of formats, including VOTable, FITS, CSV, and eCSV. Below you can find a brief description of the main features offered by the Archive, as well as two video tutorials explaining how to use it.



Landing page

This is the landing page to the Gaia ESA Archive. From here, you can:

  • explore the catalogues hosted by the Archive,
  • access the documentation and help pages,
  • learn about the Gaia mission.


Basic query form

This form allows to easily search for data in all the catalogues hosted by the Archive. Restrictions can be added to the query using the 'Extra conditions' wizard. The output fields can be selected by means of the 'Display columns' option panel.


Advanced (ADQL) query form

This form allows to execute ADQL queries. Each query generates a job at the server side. The jobs executed by the user can be inspected in the list provided in this page. All the public tables and the user-uploaded tables are visible on the left side of the browser.


Query results

The output of queries are displayed in this window. The ADQL query that generated these results can be inspected by clicking on the 'Show query in ADQL form' link.

Video: How to use the Archive

Author: Deborah Baines

Video: How to use the Archive basic form

Author: Deborah Baines