PhD Theses related to Herschel

In addition to scientific papers PhD theses are important results from Herschel and from the effort invested to make

the mission possible.

We are trying to list all PhD theses related to Herschel - based both on "technical" work and on scientific results -

but can only do so if they are brought to our attention.

Please report any missing PhD theses either by raising a Helpdesk ticket or by sending an email.

The most recent update to this list was done on 14 June 2017, it now contains 134 theses.

[The list below can be sorted by clicking on the AUTHOR, TITLE or YEAR columns]

Agius, Nicola Kristina Dust in Early-type galaxies using Herschel-ATLAS and GAMA data 2014
Alberts, Stacey Dusty star formation in extreme environments: Galaxies and galaxy clusters in the distant universe 2014
Andree-Labsch, Silke Three-dimensional modelling of the emission of clumpy PDRs 2015
Aniano Porcile, Gonzalo Jorge Modeling dust in the interstellar medium 2012
Arab, Heddy Evolution of interstellar dust with Herschel 2012
Aresu, Giambattista High energy irradiated protoplanetary disks: the X-rays and FUV role in thermo-chemical modeling 2012
Arzoumanian, Doris Characterizing interstellar filaments as revealed by the Herschel Gould belt survey: insights into the initial conditions for star formation 2012
Avison, Adam Matthew Methanol masers and the environments of massive star formation 2011
Bañó, Gisela Complejidad física y química en la nube molecular Orión KL 2014
Battersby, Cara The Structure and evolution of massive star and cluster forming regions 2013
Billot, Nicolas Calibrating a novel type of bolometer arrays for the Herschel/PACS Photometer 2008
Bjerkeli, Per Water in molecular outflows and shocks: Studies with Odin and Herschel 2012
Boley, Paul Andrew High-resolution studies of circumstellar material around massive young stellar objects 2013
Bourne, Nathan No smoke without fire : cosmic dust emission as a tracer of star formation in galaxies 2013
Bressert, Eli Walter The initial distribution of stars 2012
Brisbin, Drew Star Formation and Galaxy Evolution since z~2: Results from multiwavelength surveys 2014
Broekhoven-Fiene, Hannah Resolving the multi-temperature debris disk around gamma Doradus with Herschel 2012
Brookes, Diane Patricia Interferometric radio observations of the interactive winds of massive stars 2016
Bruderer, Simon The influence of geometry on the FUV and X-ray driven chemistry in star formation 2010
Bulger, Joanna Mary Far-infrared & sub-millimeter studies of circumstellar disks 2013
Burton, Christopher Steven The Environmental Dependence of Galaxy Evolution 2013
Cañameras, Raoul Zooming in on star formation in the brightest galaxies of the early Universe discovered with the Planck and Herschel satellites 2016
Cao Orjales, Jose Manuel A study of AGN and their environments in the far-infrared 2014
Carlhoff, Philipp Christoph Molecular cloud structure in the star-forming region W43 2013
Carlson, Lynn Redding A panchromatic view of star-forming regions in the Magellanic clouds: Characterizing physical and evolutionary parameters of young stellar objects 2010
Cataldi, Gianni Debris disks and the search for life in the universe 2016
Cavalié, Thibault Observations millimétriques et sub-millimétriques des composés oxygénés dans les atmosphères planétaires. Préparation aux missions Herschel et ALMA 2008
Choi, Yunhee Water vapor in high-mass star-forming regions and PDRs: Tracing the dynamics and chemistry with Herschel/HIFI 2015
Clark, Christopher Jonathan Redfern On the origins of cosmic dust and the evolution of nearby galaxies with the Herschel Space Observatory 2014
Clarke, Charlotte Louise The distant, dusty universe: finding star-forming galaxies with the Herschel Space Observatory 2016
Collins, Patrick Calibration of the Herschel-SPIRE Submillimetre instrument 2003
Cormier, Diane The physical properties of the interstellar medium of low-metallicity dwarf galaxies 2012
Coutens, Audrey Water deuteration in star-forming regions : Contribution of Herschel/HIFI spectroscopic data 2012
Crockett, Nathan R. Analysis of the Herschel/HIFI 1.2 THz wide spectral survey of the Orion Kleinmann-Low nebula 2013
Dai, Yu Observational study of dust-rich quasars 2013
De Beck, Elvire Molecular diagnostics of the circumstellar envelopes of asymptotic giant branch stars. Mass loss and chemistry 2011
De Geyter, Gert Mapping the interestellar dust in galaxies through radiative transfer modelling 2015
De Looze, Ilse Far-infrared/submillimeter properties of the interstellar medium in nearby galaxies 2012
de Luca, Massimo The protostellar evolution in the Vela Molecular Ridge: isolated vs clustered star formation 2008
Delvecchio, Ivan Tracing AGN accretion and star formation in Herschel galaxies 2014
de Vries, Bernard Lammert Olivine mineralogy of young and evolved stars 2013
Drouhet, Willie Study of the far infrared emission of nearby spiral galaxies 2013
Erfanianfar, Ghazaleh The group galaxy population through the cosmic time: study of the properties of galaxies in the most common high density environment 2014
Ertel, Steve Modeling the spatial structure of debris disks 2012
Faimali, Alessandro Daniele The history and rate of star formation within the G305 Complex 2013
Falder, James Thomas The environments of high redshift Active Galactic Nuclei 2012
Ferkinhoff, Carl Development of the 2nd generation z(Redshift) and Early Universe Spectrometer & the study of far-IR fine structure emission in high-z galaxies 2014
Fleuren, Simone The submillimetre and near-infrared properties of Herschel -ATLAS sources 2012
Ford, George Philip Star formation in nearby galaxies 2014
Fuller, Christopher J. E. Tracing environmental processes using cold dust with the Herschel Space Observatory 2014
Galametz, Maud Toward the comprehension of the infrared to submillimeter view of the interstellar medium of nearby galaxies 2010
García Fuentes, Pablo The Warm ISM in the Sgr A Complex: Mid-J CO, Atomic Carbon, Ionized Atomic Carbon, and Ionized Nitrogen Line Observations with the Herschel-HIFI and the NANTEN2/SMART Telescopes 2015
George, Richard The state of the gas in the intense lensed starbursts 2015
Gerner, Thomas Chemical characterization of the early evolutionary phases of high-mass star-forming regions 2014
Falstad, Niklas Water and hydroxyl in luminous infrared galaxies: Spectroscopic observations and modelling 2014
González, Beatriz María Far Infrared Spectroscopy of the OMC-2 Region 2015
Gürkan Uygun, Gülay Accretion modes, AGN feedback and star formation 2016
Harry, Sarah Observations of high mass star formation using BLAST and Herschel 2011
Harrison, Christopher Mark Observational constraints on the influence of Active Galactic Nuclei on the evolution of galaxies 2014
Harsono, Daniel Unveiling protostellar disk formation around low-mass stars 2014
Higgins, Daniel Ronan Advanced optical calibration of the Herschel HIFI heterodyne spectrometer 2011
Hurley, Peter Donald Untangling the physical components of galaxies using infrared spectra 2014
Iribarrem, Alvaro Relativistic cosmology number densities in Void-Lemaître-Tolman-Bondi models 2013
Janssen, Annemieke An infrared/submillimetre perspective on Acitve Galactic Nuclei 2016
Jellema, Willem Optical design and performance verification of Herschel-HIFI 2015
Kalfountzou, Eleni The evolution of AGN and their host galaxies 2015
Kama, Mihkel Young intermediate-mass stars: from a HIFI spectral survey to the physics of the disk inner rim 2013
Karczewski, Oskar Dust and star formation in NGC 4449 2013
Karska, Agata Feedback from deeply embedded low- and high-mass protostars 2014
Khouri, Theo Oxigen-rick AGB stars with low mass-loss rate observed with Herschel 2014
Knierman, Karen A. Tidal tales of minor mergers: Star formation in the tidal tails of minor mergers 2013
Jones, Scott Methods and results toward measuring magnetic fields in star-forming regions 2015
Ladjal, Djazia The Herschel - PACS guaranteed time key programme on evolved stars: its preparation, execution and initial data exploitation 2011
Leiton, Roger Resolving the cosmic infrared background with the Herschel Space Observatory 2012
Lenfestey, Clare Clouds and filaments: The initial conditions of star formation 2013
Lindner, John Vyvyan SHIFTS: Simulator for the Herschel Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer 2006
Lombaert, Robin The circumstellar environment of evolved stars as traced by molecules and dust: The diagnostic power of Herschel 2013
Makai, Zoltán Sándor The physics and chemistry of photon-dominated clouds in NGC 3603 2015
Malinen, Johanna Interstellar medium and initial stages of star formation: comparing simulations and observations 2014
Mancuso, Claudia Dusty star forming Galaxies and supermassive black holes at high redshifts: in- situ coevolution 2016
Marseille, Mathieu Observations et modélisations de proto-étoiles massives dans le cadre des observatoires Herschel 2008
Martínez-Arnáiz, Raquel M. Chromospheric activity and rotation of FGK stars in the solar neighbourhood: characterizing possible exoplanetary system host stars 2011
Marton, Gábor Star formation on the galactic interfaces. Analysis of the large scale distribution of the Milky Way’s pre- and proto-stellar objects on the dense-diffuse interfaces of the interstellar matter 2013
Mathews, Geoffrey Sean Characterizing circumstellar disks at 5 Myr: A multiwavelength survey for gas and dust in Upper Scorpius 2012
Mayer, Andreas Shaping the slow winds of Asymptotic Giant Branch stars in binary systems 2015
Mommert, Michael Remnant planetesimals and their collisional fragments: Physical characterization from thermal-infrared observations 2013
Nagy, Zsofia Molecular line tracers of high-mass start forming regions 2013
Neves, Joao Fernando Ciotta Simulations of high mass star formation in the Milky Way 2013
Nguyen-Luong, Quang Linking the formation of molecular clouds and high-mass stars: A multi-tracer and multi-scale study 2012
Parikka, Anna Properties and evolution of dense structures in the interstellar medium 2015
Pearson, Elisabeth Investigating the high redshift universe with H-ATLAS 2013
Pérez, Ricardo From X-rays to Far Infrared: Galaxy Cluster ZwCL0024+1652 under the multiwavelength Limelight 2016
Phillips, Neil Matthew Far-infrared and sub-millimetre surveys of circumstellar discs 2011
Pilleri, Paolo Impact de l'évolution des hydrocarbures aromatiques polycyliques sur la physique et la chimie des régions ds photodissociation : une étude dans l'infrarouge et le millimétrique 2010
Pintos, Irene Multi-wavelength study of the population of galaxies in intermediate-redshift clusters: the case of RXJ1257.2+4738 at z~0.9 2015
Pitann, Jan Infrared and radio observations of the earliest stages of massive star formation 2012
Poelman, Dieter Roel Emission characteristics of water in the universe 2007
Podigachoski, Pece Star formation and AGN activity in distant massive galaxies 2016
Rawlings, Jonathan Disentangling active galactic nuclei and star formation in extragalactic radio sources 2014
Raymond, Gwenifer Limitations and advances in the field of far-infrared/submillimetre extragalactic astronomy or the trouble with terrahertz 2011
Rayner, Thomas S. M. Herschel observations of star-forming regions from the HOBYS programme 2015
Regibo, Sara Data reduction and analysis algorithms for the Herschel Space Observatory 2012
Rémy-Ruyer, Aurélie Probing the impact of metallicity on the dust properties in galaxies 2013
Ribas, Álvaro Protoplanetary disk evolution in nearby star-forming regions 2015
Rykala, Adam Star formation studies using the Herschel-SPIRE Imaging FTS 2011
Rosenberg, Marissa Causing a stir: radiative and mechanical feedback in starburst galaxies 2014
Rosslowe, Christopher K. Physical properties of Wolf-Rayet stars at infra-red wavelengths 2013
Rowlands, Kate Dust in galaxies throughout cosmic time 2013
Sadavoy, Sarah I. Star formation in the Perseus molecular cloud: A detailed look at star-forming clumps with Herschel 2013
San José García, Irene Paving the path between low- and high-mass star formation: Dynamics probed by Herschel far-infrared spectroscopy 2015
Shao, Li The nature of AGN-host co-evolution 2013
Smidt, Joseph Michael Probing the high-redshift universe using fluctuations in the cosmic microwave and infrared backgrounds 2012
Short, Joanna The investigation, development and testing of novel methods for the statistical characterisation of cosmic microwave background data, aimed at isolating and quantifying departures from the standard cosmological model, and, large scale galaxy clustering data, aimed at refining estimates of key parameters required for the advancement of galaxy formation theory. 2011
Sibthorpe, Bruce Characterisation and optimisation of the Herschel-SPIRE imaging through simulations 2007
Smith, Matthew The Herschel perspective on nearby galaxies 2012
Stanley, Flora Far-Infrared constraints on the ongoing Star Formation of distant galaxies hosting Active Galactic Nuclei 2016
Stäuber, Pascal The impact of high-energy radiation on the chemistry of star-forming regions 2006
Talia, Margherita The universe 10 billion years ago: morphologies, star-formation rates and galactic-scale winds in z~2 galaxies 2013
Teyssier, David Calibration of Herschel/HIFI: system and experimental approach of a scientific space instrument. Observational study of galactic dense cores 2002
Thomson, Alasdair Interstellar medium in lensed star-forming galaxies at z ∼2.5 2013
Tilling, Ian Physics and chemistry of gas in discs 2013
Tremblin, Pascal Ionization impact on molecular clouds and star formation. Numerical simulations and observations 2012
Turner, Michael Denney Emission from oxygen gas in the Kleinman-Low region of the Great Nebula in Orion 2012
Van der Wiel, Matthijs Molecular gas and dustinfluenced by massive protostars : spectral surveys in the far-infrared andsubmillimeter 2011
Vamvatira-Nakou, Chloi Studies of nebulae ejected from massive stars based on observations with the Herschel Space Observatory 2015
Verstappen, Joris Infrared dust emission from nearby galaxies: radiative transfer simulations and Herschel observations 2013
Virdee, Jasmeer The impact of radio-AGN on star formation across cosmic time 2014
Wampfler, Susanne Franziska Observations and radiative transfer models of the hydroxyl radical in star-forming regions 2012
Wilcock, Lucy Ann Herschel studies of infrared dark clouds and cores in the Hi-GAL Survey 2012
Yıldız, Umut Warm and cold gas in low-mass protostars : Herschel Space Observatory and ground-based surveys 2013
Yuan, Y. Molecular emission from interstellar shocks 2012
Zernickel, Alexander Submm observations of massive star formation in the giant molecular cloud NGC 6334: Gas kinematics with radiative transfer models 2015
Ziparo, Felicia The role of the environment and the merging activity in the evolution of star formation up to z~1.6 2012
Zäschke, Tilmann Agile Software Development with Object Databases 2014