Gaia PhD Theses

The following table provides details on finished Gaia PhD theses. The theses might be related to the preparation of the Gaia mission, or they may be based on (or making use of) Gaia data. Entries are compiled from information sent to us through either the Gaia helpdesk or through the submission form as can be found at the bottom of the page.

  Name Year Title Institute(s) Country Supervisor(s) Bibcode
  Michalik, Daniel 2015 Tycho-Gaia and beyond: Combining data for precision astrometry Lund Sweden L. Lindegren, D. Hobbs, U. Lammers  
  Fries, Aidan 2013 The use of Java in large scientific applications in HPC environments University of Barcelona / Barcelona Supercomputer Centre Spain    
  Karempelas, Antonios 2012 Statistical analysis and optimization of synthetic galaxy spectra for Gaia University of Athens Greece    
  Holl, Berry 2012 Characterisation and analysis of the astrometric errors in the global astrometric solution for Gaia Lund Observatory Sweden    
  O'Mullane, William 2012 Large scientific database technologies and their applicability to Gaia Barcelona Spain    
  Oszkiewicz, Dagmara 2012 Asteroid orbital inversion using Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo methods University of Helsinki Finland    
  Santoro, Luca 2012 Tests of new physics in the code CESAM: application to Gaia OCA (Nice) / Astronomical Observatory of Padova France    
  Marinoni, Silvia 2011 Quality Control and Data Analysis of multi-site ground-based observations for the absolute flux calibration of Gaia Bologna University Italy    
  Pasquato, Ester 2011 Effect of stellar surface inhomogeneities on astrometric accuracy Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium    
  Prod'homme, Thibaut 2011 From electrons to stars. Modelling and mitigation of radiation damage effects on astronomical CCDs Leiden Observatory Netherlands    
  Saguner, Tenay 2011 Observed stellar spectra as templates for Gaia Astronomical Observatory of Padova Italy    
  Gavras, Panagiotis 2010 Evolution of very long period double and multiple stars University of Athens (UoA) and National Observatory of Athens (NOA) Greece    
  Brown, Scott 2010 Calibrating for the effects of radiation damage across the Gaia astrometric field Institute of Astronomy (Cambridge) UK    
  Tsalmantza, Paraskevi 2008 Synthetic spectra and classification of unresolved galaxies with Gaia University of Athens Greece    
  Mignot, Shan 2008 Towards a demonstrator for autonomous object detection on board Gaia Meudon France    
  Guerrier, Antoine 2008 Calibration of spectroscopic data from the Gaia mission (French) Meudon France    
  Mouret, Serge 2007 Asteroid mass determination with Gaia Paris / Nice France    
  Anglada Escudè, Guillem 2007 Experiments and relativistic models for optical astrometry from space. Application to the mission Gaia. Barcelona Spain Jordi Torra Roca, Sergei A. Klioner  
  Carrasco Martínez, Josep Manel 2006 Design and characterization of ESA's Gaia Photometric System (Spanish) Barcelona Spain    
  Joergensen, Bjarne R. 2005 Determination of stellar ages and star formation histories - a Bayesian approach Lund Sweden    
  Dischler, Johann 2005 Population synthesis predictions of the eclipsing binaries observable with Gaia Lund Sweden    
  Busonero, Deborah 2005 The Gaia astrometric measurement model: error budget and calibration issues Siena Italy    
  Portell i de Mora, Jordi 2005 Payload Data Handling, Telemetry and Data Compression Systems for Gaia Barcelona, Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya Spain    
  Sordo, Rosanna 2005 Real and synthetic spectroscopy: validation from eclipsing binaries and application to Gaia calibration Asiago Italy    
  Wolff, Stefan 2005 Near Earth objects: theory, detection and observation Copenhagen Denmark    
  Willemsen, Philip 2004 Automated analysis of standard and novel optical data Bonn Germany    
  Dollet, Claire 2004 Sky surveys with an imaging satellite OCA (Nice) France    
  Marrese, Paola 2004 Eclipsing binaries in Gaia as tracers of basic stellar parameters Asiago Italy    
  Crosta, Maria Teresa 2003 Methods of relativistic astrometry for the analysis of astrometric data in the gravitational field of the Solar System Torino/Padova Italy    
  Belokurov, Vasily 2003 Variability in astrophysical surveys Oxford UK    
  Babusiaux, Carine 2003 Photometric study of the Milky Way Cambridge UK    


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