In preparation for the workshop, to maximize the learning opportunities of the proposal tools and a to ensure a smooth start for all the hands on sessions it is important to complete the following actions ahead of time. Doing so will give you the opportunity to contact the JWST Help Desk to resolve any installation issues prior to the start of the workshop.

ACTION # 1Installation of Software:

  • Astronomer Proposal Tool (APT)
  • Target Visibility Tools (GTVT and CVT)

ACTION # 2 – Creation of your MyST account 


ACTION # 3Review of available information on the JWST Instruments and the scientific modes





Astronomer Proposal Tool (APT)  Version 25.2.3

Needed to write, validate and submit the proposal – it Includes the NIRSpec MOS Proposal Tool (MPT)

Installation instructions:


Target Visibility Tool

The General Target Visibility Tool  (GTVT) and the Coronagraphic Visibility Tool (CVT) are distributed as part of the ASTROCONDA  the  release channel for JWST Python-related tools

Installation Instructions:

STEP 1: Install Astroconda -

STEP 2: Install  the Target Visibility Tools - JWSTGeneralTargetVisibilityToolHelp-Installationandusage




Exposure Time Calculator (ETC)

In order to save and share ETC workbooks users need to have a MyST account

Please, get an account before the start of the workshop by visiting


ETC is a Web application so no further installation needed is needed:

Web Application:


For support installing any of the above packages, please contact the STScI Helpdesk:





The presentations and the hands on session at the workshop assume that the participant have a basic knwoledge of JWST, its instruments and observing modes.

Material from previous workshop, webinar and lecture is available on line.  Below a selection of links that could help in preparing the workshop


Integral field Spectroscopy with JWST
Multi Object Spectroscopy with JWST
Single Object Spectroscopy and time series observations with JWST
Coronagraphy with JWST