We recommend JWST Workshop participants to book their hotels in the area around Plaza de España  and Gran Via. A selection of recommended hotels is provided in the following map (click on upper left to display further details and access links):



You may find more hotels in the following link:,-3.7127688,17.38z/data=!4m5!2m4!5m3!5m2!1s2017-10-04!2i2


Transportation to/from Workshop

  • The bus pick-up-point will be located next to the gray Kiosk (right picture) on Plaza de España, across from the Cambridge Institute (Plaza de España, 7).

  • The location is busy with buses, check for the ESA/ESAC sign displayed in the bus.
  • Bus schedule is the following:


  Depart from Plaza de Espana Depart from ESAC
Workshop bus schedule
Day#1 (Wed 4 Oct) 8:15 17:30
Day#2 (Thu 5 Oct) 8:30 19:30 (after cocktail)
Day#3 (Fri 6 Oct) 8:30







Transportation Day#3

After the Workshop, there will be a bus for participants to Madrid Airport and another one to Madrid Downtown (Plaza de Espana). The following doodle poll is available to sing up for any of those.