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ETC Hands on Exercises:

 ETC-01: NIRISS [Wide Field Slistless Spectroscopy] High-z Galaxies
 ETC-02/03/04: MIRI [Imaging + IFU]/NIRSpec [IFU] SN1987A

Science Cases session 1:

Science Case 1.1 -MIRI LRS slit observation of high-z Galaxy
Science Case 1.2 -Metallicity gradients in M87 with NIRCam and NIRISS in paralell
Science Case 1.3 -NIRSpec slit spectroscopy of Y dwarfs
Science Case 1.4 -Spectroscopic-Imaging of PDRs: JWST observations of the Pillars of Creation

Science Cases session 2:

Science Case 2.2 -NIRSpec MIRI IFU af NGC4151. Black hole studies
Science Case 2.3 -WASP107b: Exoplanet transit observation with three JWST instruments (0.6 - 12 microns)
Science Case 2.4 -MIRI and NIRCam imaging of the nearby galaxy Arp200

Science Cases session 3:

Science Case 3.1 -Brown-dwarfs in star-forming clusters with NIRSpec MOS and NIRCam pre-imaging
Science Case 3.2 -High-redshift galaxy observations with MOS
Science Case 3.3 -Deep field survey with NIRCam and MIRI Imaging
Science Case 3.4 -Simplified version of the CANUCS deep survey

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