MARS SCIENCE Workshop ``From Mars Express to Exomars ́ ́

Thanks to all participants for the successful workshop!
Workshop presentations and pictures are now publicly available for download.

This workshop aims to gather the Mars international science community to summarize the recent progress in a great variety of research topics, with a global and synergistic vision of Mars, its processes and couplings:
• Interior-Surface-Atmosphere exchanges of thermal fluxes and trace species
• Martian surface's intrinsic reflectivity, spectral properties, topography effects
• Global water cycle (vapour & ice) and the role of water ice clouds
• Atmospheric dust, particles distribution & properties, dust storms and variability
• Photochemistry, atmospheric stability, trace species across the Terminator
• Upper atmosphere composition, wave propagation, airglow emissions, escape to space
• Delivering of Mars data products and modeling results to scientific archives


The science research topics are mainly focused on the analysis and revision of datasets from present and past missions around Mars, especially Mars Express but also international collaborations with MAVEN, MSL, MRO, etc, in preparation for the exploitation of the Exomars Trace Gas Orbiter measurements. Science contributions may also include model developments, data assimilation techniques, novel data analysis and retrieval tools.

The workshop is organized in collaboration with the EU H2020 project UPWARDS. Results of the consortium will be presented during the workshop, including the delivery of this project's data products to the ESA Planetary Science Archive.

Organized by ESA-ESAC & IAA-CSIC, with the support of the ESAC Faculty and the EU H2020 project UPWARDS