The meeting will take place at the European Space and Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Villanueva de la Cañada near Madrid, Spain. 



bus sHUTTLE between Madrid and Esac

The bus shuttle is free of charge, but it is absolutely necessary to confirm the booking in the registration form.

The workshop bus shuttle between ESAC and Madrid city, will leave/arrive at Paseo Ruperto Chapí, next to the Moncloa station.



Tuesday,                 8:15 –  9:00                    MONCLOA – ESAC (from Paseo Ruperto Chapí, <M> Moncloa)

Tuesday,               18:30 19:00                   ESAC – MONCLOA


Wednesday,           8:15 – 9:00                     MONCLOA – ESAC  (from Paseo Ruperto Chapí, <M> Moncloa)

Wednesday,         19:15 – 19:50 – 20:30      ESAC – MONCLOA – AIRPORT (Terminals T123 and T4)

Thursday,               8:15 – 9:00                     MONCLOA – ESAC  (from Paseo Ruperto Chapí, <M> Moncloa)

Thursday,             13:30 – 14:15                  ESAC – Airport (direct to Terminals T123 and 4)

Thursday,             14:30 – 15:10 – 15:45      ESAC – Moncloa – Airport (via Madrid, Terminals T123 and 4)


GETTING by car to ESAC


Arriving by car usually takes 20 minutes from Moncloa. Unfortunatelly traffic jams from 7:30 to 9:00 in the mornings and from 17:00 to 19:00 could cause the trip will be longer, up to 50 minutes. 


Taxis and other 

Taxis to hotels/airport can be arranged during the workshop at the registration desk.

More information on how to get to ESAC can be found here.



The workshop will be held in the D002 room of the D Building (bottom right in map below).