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Tuesday,    8:15*–  9:00   BUS  MONCLOA – ESAC (*from Paseo Ruperto Chapí, <M> Moncloa)


Tuesday,    9:00 –  9:30   REGISTRATION


Tuesday,    9:30 –  9:45   WELCOME



Tuesday,    9:45 – 11:15

Session 1:   Mars Express and other current Mars missions

Chair:   Dima Titov & Aymeric Spiga 


        9:45 –  9:55     Atmospheric Observations By Mars Express

        D. Titov et al.


      10:00 – 10:10    New dataset of atmospheric parameters retrieved by PFS-MEx

        M. Giuranna et al.


      10:15 – 10:25    A singular yearly persistent double vortex on Mars

        A. Sanchez-Lavega et al.


      10:30 – 10:40   Martian dust size and shape from Navcam and Hazcam images on MSL

        H. Chen-Chen et al. 


      10:45 – 10:55   MAVEN IUVS Remote Sensing Highlights Relevant to Upcoming TGO Observations

        M. Chaffin et al.


      11:00 – 11:10   Mapping D/H on Mars using EXES aboard SOFIA

        T. Encrenaz et al.



Tuesday,   11:15 – 11:45   COFFEE  BREAK



Tuesday,   11:45 – 13:15

Session 2:    Analysis tools & Retrieval Methods 

Chairs:   Franck Montmessin  &  Arnaud Mahieux


      11:45 – 11:55  Uncertainty analysis and Preliminary Reconstruction of the Mars Atmosphere using the ExoMars Schiaparelli Flush Air Data System

         B. Van Hove and Ö. Karatekin


      12:00 – 12:10  Retrieval of gases and aerosols vertical profiles considering multiple scattering from OMEGA/MEx  limb observations

         A. Mahieux et al.


      12:15 – 12:25   Synergistic retrieval of H2O vapor in Mars' atmosphere: the path to a systematic 3D exploration of H2O vapor

         F. Montmessin et al.


      12:30 – 12:40   Retrieval of Water Vapour Vertical Profiles in the Mars' Atmosphere using PFS/MEX data

         G. Sindoni et al.


      12:45 – 12:55   Retrievals of Ozone at the Terminator of Mars From SPICAM/Mex Solar Occultations

         A. Piccialli et al.


      13:00 – 13:10   Inversion Of Vertical Profiles Of CO2 In The Mars Daylight Thermosphere From Its Limb Non-Thermal Emission At 4.3um

         S. Jimenez-Monferrer et al.



Tuesday,   13:15 – 15:00   LUNCH  



Tuesday,   15:00 – 16:30  

Session 3A:    Surface, subsurface & geology. Part I 

Chairs:   Giancarlo Bellucci  &  Ozgur Karatekin


      15:00 – 15:10   Seasonal albedo changes as derived from OMEGA/MEX RGB glob-al maps

        F. Altieri, E. D’Aversa et al


      15:15 – 15:25   Heat flow and thermal structure of the Martian lithosphere

        L. Parro et al.


      15:30 – 15:40   Influence of subsurface properties on ice and methane clathrate stability on Mars

        E. Gloesener et al.


      15:45 – 15:55   Geology and mineralogy of the Auki Crater; Tyrrhena Terra; Mars: A possible post impact-induced hydrothermal system

        F. G. Carrozzo et al.


      16:00 – 16:10   Methane retained by carbon dioxide and water ices

        M. A. Satorre et al.


      16:15 – 16:25   Possible subsurface sediment mobilization and release of volatiles in southern Chryse Planitia; Mars

        I. van de Burgt et al.



Tuesday,   16:30 – 17:15   POSTER SESSION + COFFEE



Tuesday,   17:15 – 18:15

Session 4A:    Atmospheric composition    I: Ozone & Methane 

Chairs:   Anna Fedorova  &  Arianna Piccialli


     17:15 – 17:25   The Martian ozone layer as seen by Mars Express and by MAVEN

        F. Lefevre et al.


     17:30 – 17:40   Ozone Vertical Distribution on Mars From SPICAM/Mex UV Occultations

        A. Maattanen et al.


     17:45 – 17:55   Search of CH4 on Mars using EXES aboard SOFIA

        S. Aoki et al.


     18:00 – 18:10   Understanding The Origin Of Methane On Mars Through Isotopic And Molecular Data From  Nomad (ExoMars): Will There Be More Answers Or Questions?

        G. Etiope et al.



Tuesday,   18:15               END OF 1ST DAY SESSIONS



Tuesday,   18:30 - 19:00   BUS   ESAC – MONCLOA



Tuesday,   20:30 - 21:15   VISIT Mars Exhibition at Fundación Telefónica (Fuencarral 3, <M> Callao / Gran Vía)



Tuesday,   21:15 - 22:30   COCKTAIL at Fundación Telefónica, Courtesy of Mars Express







Wednesday,   8:15* – 9:00  BUS   MONCLOA – ESAC  (*from Paseo Ruperto Chapí, <M> Moncloa)


Wednesday,   9:15 – 10:00 

Session 4B:      Atmospheric composition II:  water vapour & clouds   

Chairs:   Anni Määttänen  & Yannick Willame  


       9:15 –  9:25     Long-Term Observations Of Water Vapor In The Middle Atmosphere Of Mars By Spicam/MEX

        A. Fedorova et al


       9:30 -  9:40      Spatial distribution of retrieved water ice cloud properties at Mars using OMEGA

        K. S. Olsen


       9:45 -  9:55      Extraction and validation of water ice cloud indicators from Mars Express / OMEGA spectral imagery - Determination of the diurnal cycle

        A. Szantai


Wednesday,   10:00 – 11:00

Session 5:    Dust and aerosols  I     

Chairs: Luca Montabone & Marco Giuranna


      10:00 – 10:10   Improved Dust Climatology On Mars With New And Revised MGS/TES Aerosol Retrievals

        L. Montabone et al.


      10:15 – 10:25   Characterization Of Dust Activity On Mars From My27 To My32 By PFS-Mex Observations

        P. Wolkenberg et al.


      10:30 – 10:35   Atmospheric Aerosols Properties Via Solar Infrared Occultation Observations By Spicam IR

        D. Betsis et al.


      10:45 – 10:55   Dust Microphysical Properties From MEX/Omega Limb Data

        E. D'Aversa et al.


Wednesday,   11:00 – 11:30   COFFEE  BREAK


Wednesday,   11:30 – 12:00

Session 5:    Dust and aerosols  II     

Chairs: Marco Giuranna & Luca Montabone


      11:30 – 11:35  Meteorological Pressures At Gale Crater From A Comparison Of REMS/MSL Data And MCD/LMD Modelling: Effects Of Dust Storms

        I. Ordonez-Etxeberria et al.


      11:45 – 11:55  Ice cloud; dust and ozone nadir retrieval using SPICAM/UV and influence of dust properties on the retrieved quantities

        Y. Willame et al.


Wednesday,   12:00  – 13:15

Session 6: Upper atmosphere   

Chairs:   Francisco González-Galindo & Mike Chaffin


      12:00 – 12:10   Spicam UV Observations Of Thermospheric Airglow And H Corona Variability

        M. Chaffin et al.


      12:15 – 12:25   Mars UV-Visible Dayside Airglow Observations And Predictions For ExoMars-TGO

        J.C. Gerard et al.


      12:30 – 12:40   Aurorae On Mars

        B. Ritter et al.


      12:45 – 12:55   Retrieval Of An Induced Magnetic Field In Mars Ionosphere From Marsis Data. Models and Simulations

        S. Jimenez et al.


      13:00 – 13:10   The Martian UV Dayglow: Global Simulation; Mars Express Measurements And Perspectives For Exomars

        F. Gonzalez-Galindo et al.


Wednesday,   13:15 – 15:00   LUNCH 


Wednesday,   15:00 – 16:30

Session 7: Atmospheric modeling & Data assimilation    

Chairs:   François Forget & Paul Streeter


      15:00 – 15:10  First Ozone Reanalysis On Mars Using Spicam Data

        J. Holmes et al.


      15:15 – 15:25  Evaluation Of MSL-SAM Martian Methane Detections With The Mars Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (MRAMS)

        J. Pla-Garcia et al.


      15:30 – 15:40  Impact Of The Refinement Of The Vertical Resolution Of The LMD'S Martian Global Climate Model On The Simulation Of The Water Cycle

        M. Vals et al.


      15:45 – 15:55  Towards Assimilation of Exomars TGO ACS Observations into the LMD Mars GCM

        R. Young et al.


      16:00 – 16:10  A Multispacecraft Reanalysis Of The Atmosphere Of Mars

        S. Lewis, J. Holmes et al.


      16:15 – 16:25  The GEM-Mars General Circulation Model for Mars: Description and Evaluation

        L. Neary et al.



Wednesday,   16:30 – 17:15   POSTER SESSION + COFFEE



Wednesday,   17:15 – 18:15

Session 8:   TGO and beyond   

Chairs:   Ann Carine Vandaele & Oleg Korablev


      17:15 – 17:25    ExoMars 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter - Status Update

        H. Svedhem


      17:30 – 17:40    The Nomad Instrument On Board Exomars: Heritage From Previous Missions Towards Breakthrough Science

        A.C. Vandaele et al.


      17:45 – 17:55    ACS at Exomars TGO

        O. Korablev et al.


       18:00 – 18:10   From Spicam IR To ACS NIR; Dayside Nadir Observations In The Near Infrared

        A. Trokhimovskiy et al.


       18:15 – 18:25   New Atmospheric Science With The Mars Insight Lander Mission

        A. Spiga et al.



Wednesday,   18:30 – 19:00    CLOSURE.  Round Table: Open questions.



Wednesday,   19:15 – 19:50 – 20:30*  BUS   ESAC – MONCLOA – AIRPORT (*Terminals T123 and T4)





POSTER SESSIONS*                          *Both on Tuesday and Wednesday between 16:30 and 17:15. 

·  Dust-Devils detection by means of Tomography 
C. Aguirre et al.

G. Barderas et al.

·  The UPWARDS user-friendly pipeline for Mars high level scientific data dissemination in PDS4 
A. Cala et al.

·  Hydrogen escape at Mars : Comparisons from MGCM-LMD simulations and observations from Mars-Express/SPICAM 
J. Chaufray et al.

·  Structural Characterization and Band Assignment of the Raman Spectra Of Oxammite Mineral By Density Functional Theory 
F. Colmenero et al.

·  LaRa (Lander Radioscience) on the ExoMars 2020 Surface Platform 
V. Dehant et al.

·  The MA_MISS Experiment on board the ExoMars 2020 Rover 
M.C. DeSanctis, G. Bellucci et al.

·  Dependence of the Martian radiation environment on atmospheric depth: modeling and measurement

J. Guo et al.

·  Space Weather at Mars using MSL/RAD measurements combined with heliospheric and particle transport models

J. Guo et al.

·  Synthetic Retrievals of CO2 from NOMAD and ACS Solar Occultation Spectra 
B. Hill et al.

·  The Mars Express/Aspera-3 And Venus Express/Aspera-4 Solar Wind Databases 
M. Holmstrom et al.

·  Martian dust devils: Paving the way for analysis of pressure and wind data from MEDA on Mars 2020 
R. Hueso et al.

·  Exploring the Atmosphere of Mars with Remote Observations: Activities in Japan for the Belgium-Japan partnership (AMAVERO) 
Y. Kasaba et al.

·  14 years of Mars' atmosphere monitoring by SPICAM on Mars Express 
G. Lacombe et al.

·  Radio Emissions from Electrical Activity in Martian Dust Storms 
W. Majid et al.

·  OpenPlanetaryMap: Building the first Open Planetary Mapping and Social platform for researchers, educators, storytellers, and the general public 
N. Manaud et al.

·  The Mars Climate Database (version 5.3) 
E. Millour et al.

·  Electrical Properties of the Dust-Loaded Ionosphere of Mars 
G. Molina-Cuberos et al.

·  Spectral classification and MGM-based mineralogical characterization of SAS-corrected OMEGA data: Nili Fossae case.
G. Serventi, G. Bellucci et al.

·  The circulatory impact of dust from dust profile assimilation 
P. Streeter et al.

·  CASP-GO auto-DTM: A new paradigm for Martian 3D mapping 
Y. Tao et al.

·  Crosslink Occultation Measurements at Mars 
S. Tellmann et al.

·  Modification of the retrieval tool JACOSPAR for the Martian limb and solar occultation observations 
M. Toyooka et al.

·  Growth of carbonate globules in ALH 84001 Martian orthopyroxenite by transient floods in a chemically variable environment 
J.M. Trigo Rodriguez et al.

·  Impact of dust on the retrieval of methane with the SO channel of the NOMAD/ExoMars instrument 
L. Trompet et al.

·  Optimization of Martian and Venusian planetary image processing through cloud computing 
J. Vazquez-Poletti et al.

·  Martian Atmospheric Dust Dynamics: Modeling And Numerical Computation 
M. Velasco et al.







INTERNAL MEETING Restricted to MEX/TGO Members only

Chairs:   Dmitri titov & Hakan Svedhem



Thursday,   8:15* – 9:00  BUS   MONCLOA – ESAC  (*from Paseo Ruperto Chapí, <M> Moncloa)


Thursday,   9:15 – 11:00   MEX/TGO Collaboration discussion


                        -  Introduction (10 min)
                                    D. Titov, H. Svedhem.


                        -  Analysis of joint observation opportunities (20 min)

                                    A.Cardesin, B. Geiger.


                        -  General discussion (slides from the participants, etc)


Thursday,   11:00 – 11:30   COFFEE  BREAK


Thursday,   11:30 – 13:00   MEX/TGO Collaboration discussion


                                 - Continuation (round table, …)


Thursday,   13:00 – 13:15   CLOSURE.  Round Table: Open questions.


Thursday,   13:30 – 14:15   Bus1 ESAC – Airport (direct to Terminals T123 and 4)


Thursday,   13:30 – 14:30   LUNCH


Thursday,   14:30 – 15:10 – 15:45*  Bus2 ESAC – Moncloa – Airport (via Madrid, *Terminals T123 and 4)





Programme updated 23 February 2018