The registration will be managed by the external partner. To register for the conference please click the link below:



Please be informed that the registration will be open until Friday, 27 May 2022. 

At this stage (March 2022), we are planning to have an hybrid conference, with face-to-face meeting on site AND virtual participation as well. We will continue to carefully monitor the situation and adapt our plans if needed.

We expect to have a conference fee to be paid at the registration. There will be one flat rate for all participants for a in-person participation (160 euro) and another for those, who will decide to participate virtually (35 euro).

For US government employees who might need it, we can provide by email the Section 889 compliance form for PSIDA 2022. Please contact the organizers at


It is possible for the participants to change their registration from Online to Onsite or the other way round.

1. Onsite – Online:

Reimbursements from the difference in prices will be done. Kindly note that this can take up to 1 month or even 5 weeks. Participants who paid with online credit card will be reimbursed on that card, participants who paid via bank transfer will need to give as the bank details via a online form.

Please inform the ESA Conference Bureau in written about the request to change via email to and they will make the needed adjustments in the system, however all reimbursements will be processed after the event.

2. Online – Onsite:

Participants only need to pay the difference between the old and the new price.

Please inform the ESA Conference Bureau in written about this request via sending an email to and they can adjust their invoice and registration in the system. 

3. Any Cancellation (no matter online or onsite)

Please inform the ESA Conference Bureau in written about this request via sending an email to reimbursements will also be processed after the event.