Monday 6 November    Room D1/D2          ToO Discussion and update + Other

14:00 Ceci Tubiana               ToO update from OSIRIS

14:30 Fabrizio Capaccioni      ToO update from VIRTIS

14:50 Joel Parker                 ToO update from ALICE                   

15:10 Anthony Lethuillier        ToO update from MIRO 


16:00 Volwerk+Nilsson          A philosophical appraisal of the tail region of C67P 

16:30 Brian Keeney              H2O and O2 Absorption in the Coma of 67P Measured by Alice              

16:50 Andrew Steffl               Alice observations of water vapor in absorption   

17:15 Discussion                       

18:00 Bus Pick Up


Tuesday 7 November    Room D1/D2      Where are we with activity?       

09:30 Eberhard Gruen                    Activity: where are we?

10:00 H. Uwe Keller                       Have we adddressed activity?

10:20 Murthy Gudipati                   Chemical Composition of Cometary Interior

10:40 Vincenzo DellaCorte              67P/C-G outbursts: the dusty point of view

11:00 Coffee and Discussion

11:30 Maria Elisabetta Palumbo       Icy Laboratory experiment 

11:50 Jean-Baptiste Vincent            Activity maps

12:10 Nilda Oklay                           Activity features of 67P

12:30 Markus Schuhmann               ROSINA Activity Perspectives

12:50 Discussion + Lunch

14:00 KC Hansen                           Chemical Abundances as Measured by ROSINA DFMS: Do They Track H2O, CO2 or Neither?

14:20 Giovanna Rinaldi                   Summer outbursts in the coma of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as observed by VIRTIS

14:40 Nicolas Biver                         Evolution of the outgassing pattern and abundances of methanol, ammonia and CO relative to water in 67P as seen by MIRO

15:00 Discussion

15:20 Discussion and Coffee

16:00 Paul Feldman                        O_2 activity in 67P/C-G from Alice observations of dissociative excitation of coma molecules.

16:20 Mike Combi                           H2O and CO2 activity maps derived from VIRTIS images

16:50 Bonnie Buratti                       Outbursts on Chiron and 67P/: A comparison

17:10 Discussion 


19:30 BUS

Wednesday 8 November B3/B5- Where are with with dust?


09:30 Ceclia Tubiana                         Summary of the Firenze dust workshop

10:00 Carsten Geuttler                      Dust: a unification? 

10:20 Herve Cottin                            Carbon in comet 67P

10:40 Discussion and Coffee

11:30 John Paquette                          Elemental and isotopic composition of the dust  

11:50 Yves Langevin                         Optical properties of particles collected by COSIMA

12:10 Fredrik Johansson                    UV intensity deficiency at 67P - signature of dust fragmentation far from the nucleus

12:30 Geraint Jones                          Solar and solar wind events’ effects on dust and neutral gas at 67P?

12:40 Nafiseh Masoumzadeh              Phase ratio analysis of comet CG/67P at small phase angles using OSIRIS-Rosetta images

13:00 Tom Andert                              Bistatic Radar Observations of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

13:20 Discussion and Lunch

14:30 Tom Andert                             Nucleus mass loss and dust-to-ice mass ratios   

14:50 Dominique Bocklee- Morvan      Constraints on dust particle sizes and fluxes obtained by combining VIRTIS and MIRO measurements - Comparison with GIADA and OSIRIS data.                    

15:10 Discussion and COFFEE

16:00 Marco Fulle                              Where are we with the dust to ice mass ratios of comets?

16:30 Open Discussion on Dust and activity or any other topic!

18:00 Bus pick up


Rosetta SWT meeting 

Room D1/D2

09:30 Thursday 9 November - 13:00 Friday 10 November 2017


Welcome and introduction
Mission status
Update from NASA

Post operations activities and archiving status
    SGS rundown
    SGS post ops status
    Archive status
    PSA status
    PI presentations 
            This should be in two parts,     
                first part- include a brief overview of archive and team status, along with any other archive related activities.
                 second part - A brief overview of their archive products and what /how to use them

    Philae trajectory - towards a consolidated single trajectory.
    Geometry presentations

        Any other team wishing to present on geometry aspects are welcome to do so.
End meeting