Note that coffee breaks, lunch and Dinner are included in the conference package for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The conference room will be available for continued discussions on Thursday PM.

Lunch and Dinner on Sunday and Thursday are at your own cost.


POSTERS- there are two posters which can be discussed during lunch and cofffe breaks 

André Galli               -  Laboratory water ice analogues for the surfaces of Jupiter- icy moons and other icy objects in the solar system

Markus Schuhmann  - Organics in comet 67P: Pure hydrocarbons vs Alcohols

Abstracts are availible here as a zipped file 


Monday 19 November 2018

Rosetta SWT #50 post operational meeting – focus on archiving status.

Start 14:30         

- Introduction & Update (incl. actions) : Matt 

- Mission Status : Patrick 

-NASA update - Mathieu

- Global Archive status : Larry  

- PSA Archiving update - Dave or Diego 
- PDS Archiving update 
- Spice Status - Marc 
- Lander Trajectory and Map Projection update : Bjoern 
PI teams - presentation 3 slides max 
- slides 1-2 = summary of archive status & activities 
- slide 3 : What product in your enhanced archiving deliveries would you like to advertise most to the world 
AOB & Close out 

End ~ 18:30       


Tuesday 20 November 2018

Rosetta science workshop

09:10    Introduction – Matt Taylor and Martin Rubin

09:20    “Detection of a CO2 hot spot near the Auhur region from VIRTIS-H observations”

Yu Chi Cheng

09:40    “Colour cycling on 67P/CG coma and nucleus during Rosetta mission”

Gianrico Filacchione

10:00    “Modelling the phase variation of 67P dust color temperature observed with VIRTIS-H”

Dominique Bocklée-Morvan

10:20    Discussion and coffee

11:00    “The seasonal cycle of water ice at the surface of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as observed by VIRTIS on board Rosetta”

Mauro Ciarniello 

11:20    “Observations of the Surface of Comet 67P/C-G by RSI Operating in Bistatic Radar Configuration”

Graciela González Peytaví 

11:40    “The inner coma of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as seen from OSIRIS and VIRTIS on board Rosetta”

Giovanna Rinaldi

12:00    Discussion 

12:15    Lunch


14:00    “Diurnal gas cycle on 67P from ROSINA; rotation measurements; and cross-instrument identification of icy patches”

Tobias Kramer

14:20    “Cometary Outbursts. To pressure or not to pressure.”

Stubbe Hviid

14:40    “Intermittent ejection of boulder clusters on 67P observed by OSIRIS.”

              Xian Shi

15:00   “Analysis of a 67P/CG night side outburst observed by VIRTIS-M: A new method to constraint the surface thermal inertia.”

            Giovanna Rinaldi


15:20    Discussion and Coffee

16:00    “Why the refractory / ice ratio observed by Consert is necessarily high?”

Alain Herique

16:20    Discussion

17:00    end of day

Wednesday 21 November 2018

09:00    “Plasma properties of suprathermal electon populations near comet 67P with Rosetta.”

Minna Myllys

09:20    “The Sun's influence on comet 67P and Rosetta - solar flares; CMEs and CIRs“

Niklas Edberg

09:40    “Plasma density and magnetic field fluctuations in the ion gyro-frequency range near the diamagnetic cavity of comet 67P”

Elias Odelstad

10:00    “The infant bow shock: a new frontier at a weak activity comet”

Charlotte Goetz

10:20    Discussion and Coffee

11:00    “The theory of the diamagnetic cavity, a post Rosetta revision”

Zoltan Nemeth

11:20    “Structure of a comet magnetosphere - remote detection of a shock”

Hans Nilsson

11:40    “Detection of organic material on the nucleus of comet 67P: insight into their origin from IR spectral features.”

Andrea Raponi

12:00    Discussion 

12:15    Lunch


14:00     “Ammonium Salt Experiments with ROSINA/DFMS”

Nora Hänni

14:20    “Saltie - a new animal in the Rosetta zoo”

Kathrin Altwegg

14:40    “Molecular oxygen at comet 67P: Detection and origin”

Marina Galand

15:00    Discussion and coffee

15:40   “On the origin and evolution of the volatile material in comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko”

Martin Rubin

16:00    “The sulfuric connection between protostars and comets”

Maria Drozdovskaya

16:20    “16O/18O & 16O/17O in Water in the Coma of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko measured with the Rosetta/ROSINA Double Focusing Mass Spectrometer”

Isaac Schroeder

16:40    “The nitrogen isotopic composition of comet 67P”

Susanne Wampfler   

17:00     "COPS during the final descent"

Tamas Gombosi 

17:20    Discussion and end of day


Thursday 22 November 2018

09:00    “Is the nucleus composition homogeneous or heterogenous?”

Kathrin Altwegg   

09:20    “The composition of cometary dust; inputs from Rosetta and collections on Earth”

Cecile Engrand

09:40    “In-situ laboratory dust observations next to 67P”

Martin Hilchenbach

10:00    “Cometary dust particles properties studied with Rosetta: summary of the last Rosetta Dust Workshop”

Sihane Merouane

10:30    Discussion and Coffee

11:10    “The Comet Interceptor mission - proposed to ESA F-class call”

Colin Snodgrass

11:30    “Unsolved cometary mysteries and a way forward.”

Discussion led by Kathrin Altwegg 

12:00    Discussion, end of meeting