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ARIEL as proposed for adoption

The ARIEL mission as proposed for adoption (planned for November 2020) will be described in the (phase B1) 'Definition Study Report', normally referred to as the 'Red Book', which will become available in the summer 2020 timeframe. When available it will be linked to from here, together with selected open access articles.

  • ARIEL Definition Study Report, ESA/SCI(2020)n, summer 2020 - the Red Book
  • 'An Updated Study of Potential Targets for Ariel', Edwards B., Mugnai L., Tinetti, G. et al. AJ 157:242, 2019 -


ARIEL as selected

The ARIEL mission selected as the Cosmic Vision M4 mission in March 2018 is described in the (phase A) 'Assessment Study Report', normally referred to as the 'Yellow Book'. It describes all aspects of the mission, with emphasis on science objectives and science requirements, but also the spacecraft, mission design, mission and science operations, and science management. In addition there are supporting Technical Notes.

More recently a number of articles were published in Experimental Astronomy vol 46 no 1 November 2018 - open access articles are listed below.


ARIEL as proposed

The ARIEL proposal was one of 27 proposals submitted in response to the M4 mission call in ESA's science programme Cosmic Vision long term plan.


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A list of articles (as defined by ADS) related to ARIEL is available as an ADS public library.


ESA COSMIC VISION long term plan

ARIEL is the M4 mission in the ESA science programme Cosmic Vision long term plan (CHEOPS is S1, and PLATO is M3). More information about Cosmic Vision is available below: