SPICE Tools and Simulations in BepiColombo


The ESA SPICE Service (ESS), in collaboration the BepiColombo SGS and the Instrument Teams, produces a SPICE Kernel Dataset (SKD) for the BepiColombo mission. A complete description including naming convention and an index of the contents of the BepiColombo SKD can be found in the description of the BEPICOLOMBO repository.

In support of the Earth flyby, the SPICE team supports and initiated several simulations.

The animation presented in the following is in high-definition and provided as a 360 degrees video adept for cardboard-like virtual reality headsets (More information here:https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6239930?hl=en). It has been generated using the SPICE library and data. SPICE is a software developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the SPICE data is generated at the European Space and Astronomy Center (ESAC) by the ESA SPICE Service (provided by the RHEA Group).

The simulation can be found at youtube.




ESA SPICE Service Home: http://spice.esac.esa.int, ESA SPICE Service Twitter: @SpiceEsa.