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Please note that for the remote participants the workshop will be available via WebEx.

You can add  the invitation with all the details to your calendar using the following link.

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THURSDAY (Sessions in-person & remote; 15min. presentation, 5 min questions)    Rooms D001/D002
Start End Title     Author
9:30 10:00 Welcome & Overview  
    Welcome, Introduction, Logistics      Jan Reerink
    ESA Datalabs – Overview, current status and future plans (Presentation PDF)     Vicente Navarro
10:00 11:00 ESA Datalabs & Space Science Missions Part I  (Recording ) Chairperson: Bruno Altieri
    Using ESA Datalabs to create analysis tools for the James Webb Space Telescope
(Presentation PDF)
    Alice Young
    Fast turn-around reduction of the JWST/NIRSpec multi-object spectroscopic data
in Datalabs

(Presentation PDF)
    Giovanna Giardino
    Gaia in Datalabs: Exploiting large catalogues at scale
(Presentation PDF)
    Enrique Utrilla
11:00 11:30 Coffee Break  
11:30 12:30 ESA Datalabs & Space Science Missions Part II (Recording ) Chairperson: Anna Anku
    Science Planning opportunities and coverage analysis for the JUICE mission
on ESA DataLabs

(Presentation PDF)
    Benoit Seignovert
    Euclid’s SSOs Detection pipeline porting and integration with ESA Datalabs
(Presentation PDF)
    Aurelien Verdier
    Heliophysics notebooks in Datalab
(Presentation PDF)
    Arnaud Masson &
    Helen Middleton
12:30 14:00 Lunch Break  
14:00 15:20 ESA Datalabs & Space Science Archive (Recording ) Chairperson: Bruno Merin
    ESA Datalabs with Pandas: Creating 126 Million Source Cutouts
(No presentation - only demo)
    David O‘Ryan
    Using DataLabs for user tutorials in the Planetary Science Archive
(Presentation PDF)
    Mark Bentley
    Science exploitation of archival data in ESA Datalabs:
Planck and Euclid,a tale of two... cosmology archives

(No presentation - only demo)
    Marcos Lopez Caniego &
    Bruno Altieri
    SPICE in ESA Datalabs 
(Presentation PDF)
    Alfredo Escalante
15:20 15:40 Coffee Break  
15:40 17:00 ESA Datalabs – The Platform (Recording ) Chairperson: Vicente Navarro
    ESA Datalabs Core Services and Feature
(Presentation PDF)
    Nuno Ramos
    Science Application Store for ESA Datalab
(Presentation PDF)
    Jeronimo Bernard-Salas
    Pipeline computing in ESA Datalabs
(Presentation PDF)
    Alo Joosepson
    An Innovative IT Infrastructure for ESA Datalab
(Presentation PDF)
    Miguel Angel Diego
17:00   Adjourn   
FRIDAY (Sessions from 9:00 to 14:30 require attendance in-person)     Rooms D001/D002
Start End Title     Author
09:00 09:30 User Registration for Hands-On Session  
09:30 10:15 ESA Datalabs – CORE Services: Hands-On Session      Nuno Ramos
10:15 10:30 Coffee Break  
10:30 11:00 ESA Datalabs  & Data Discovery Portal: Hands-On Session     Alfredo Pereira

ESA Datalabs – GPU & Multiclusters: Hands-On Session

    Anna Anku &
    Marcos Lopez-Caniego
11:30 12:30 ESA Datalabs – PIPEMAN Services: Hands-On Session     Alo Joosepson
12:30 14:00 Lunch Break  
14:00 15:00 ESA Datalabs – SCI-APPS Services: Hands-On Session     Jeronimo Bernard-Salas
15:00 15:20 Coffee Break  
15:20 16:40 Machine Learning and Other Science Communities (Recording ) Chairperson: Jan Reerink
    The benefits of web-based EO platformsforpublic health applications
(Presentation PDF)
    Rochelle Schneider Dos Santos 
    XMM-Newton in Datalabs
(Presentation DPF)
    Aitor Ibarra
    PanGaia: A Python toolkit to identify over-densities in the main Gaia catalogue
(No presentation - only demo)
    Hector Canovas
    The Herschel ESA Datalab
(No presentation - only demo)
    Ivan Valtchanov
16:40 17:00 Closeout/Conclusions (Presentation PDF)  
17:00   Adjourn