THE HEliophysics ARchives user group (HAUS)

ESA supports cutting-edge Heliophysics research worldwide thanks to missions like Ulysses, SOHO, Cluster and soon Solar Orbiter. The ease of retrieving high-quality data from the online archives of these missions contributes to their scientific success. These archives serve the scientific communities in Europe and worldwide with the best calibrated data, value added data products, and visualization services. Some of these archives also include documentation in the form of user guides and calibration reports.

In the framework of ESA’s Heliophysics missions, the responsibilities of the principal investigators (PIs) normally include the development, building and operation of their instruments, as well as the delivery of the resulting data to the ESA Heliophysics archives. PIs are expected to process and deliver the data and relevant documentation to the individual archives, according to agreed standards and schedule.  After the end of a mission, the ESAC Science Data Centre (ESDC) is responsible for the maintenance of the legacy archives, including issuing updates and corrections to some calibrated data, as needed, and for ensuring their long-term accessibility.

In order to better serve the needs of the heliophysics scientific communities, ESA has established a Heliophysics Archives USers group (HAUS). Members of the HAUS group are appointed for two years.


The HAUS group advises ESA, providing suggestions and recommendations in the following areas:

  • Review of individual archives to identify shortcomings or missing functionality;
  • Suggest inclusion in the archives of data not currently served but related to the missions;
  • Advise on the main functionalities of a future web service linking the Heliophysics archives and the Planetary Science Archive;
  • Identify the most important functionalities of a future overarching multi-missions Solar Archive (e.g. combining data from SOHO, PROBA-2, ISS-SOLACES and the upcoming Proba-3 and Solar Orbiter missions).
  • Review the development of the overarching Heliophysics web services activities to ensure that they best meet the needs of the user community within the available resources.

HAUS MEMBERS (2018-2019)


HAUS group members


Dr. Markus Roth (KIS, Germany)

Solar Atmosphere

Prof. Louise Harra (MSSL, UK)

Solar and interplanetary transients

Dr. Astrid Veronig (Univ. Graz, Austria)
previously Dr. Miho Janvier (IAS, France)

Heliophysics particles

Dr. Nina Dresing (Univ. of Kiel, Germany)

Heliophysics fields

Dr. Christopher Chen (Queen Mary Univ. London, UK)

Heliophysics Archive expert

Dr. Vincent Genot (IRAP, Toulouse)  



The 4th HAUS group meeting was held 01-02 October 2019 at ETH, Zurich. Minutes and presentations can be found here
The 3rd HAUS group meeting was held 15-16 January 2019 via telecon. Minutes and presentations can be found here
The 2nd HAUS group meeting was held 4-5 June 2018 at KIS/Freiburg Univ., Germany. Minutes and presentations can be found here.
The 1st HAUS group meeting was held 16-17 January 2018 at ESAC. General discussion and introduction of group members scientific epxertise and usage of ESA/NASA data archives.