ESASky is developed at ESAC, Madrid, Spain, by the ESAC Science Data Centre (ESDC), in particular by the following ESDC team members:

  • Fabrizio Giordano (principal Software Engineer), Maria Henar Sarmiento, Elena Racero, Jesús Salgado, Belén López, Bruno Merín (product owner, bruno.merin at, Henrik Norman, Debbie Baines, Raul Gutierrez, Pilar de Teodoro, Juan Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Segovia and Sara Nieto.

ESASky uses Aladin Lite, a lightweight sky atlas running in the browser, developed by the Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS), Strasbourg Observatory, France. We acknowledge the excellent support from CDS and from the expert science and technical staff at ESAC for the creation of this service. In particular we acknowledge the following people:

  • Former ESASky team members: Andy Pollock, Michael RosaIñaki Ortiz de Landaluce, Ignacio Leon and Javier Castellanos.
  • CDS: Pierre Fernique, Thomas Boch and Mark Allen.
  • XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre: Pedro Rodríguez, Nora Loiseau, Maria Santos-Lleo, Matthias Ehle and Norbert Schartel.
  • INTEGRAL Science Operations Centre: Guillaume Belanger, Erik Kuulkers and Peter Kretschmar.
  • Planck Science Office: Marcos López-Caniego, Xavier Dupac and Jan Tauber.
  • Herschel Science Centre: Pedro García Lario, Eva Verdugo, Ivan Valtchanov, Miguel Sánchez-Portal, Pilar Esquej and Göran Pilbratt.
  • ESAC Computer Support Group: Alejandro Lorca, Roberto Prieto and Ruben Álvarez.
  • Euclid Science Centre: Bruno Altieri, John Hoar and René Laureijs.
  • HST/ESO: Jonas Haase and Antonella Nota.
  • JWST: Anthony Marston, Marco Sirianni and Macarena García-Marín.
  • Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC): Daniel Durand.
  • Johns Hopkins University: Tamás Budavári.
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech: Krzysztof Górski.
  • ISAS, JAXA: Ken Ebisawa.
  • Chandra, NASA: Pepi Fabbiano, Janet Evans, Rafffaele D'Abrusco, Yulie Zografou and Arnold Rots.
  • IMCCE, Paris: Jérôme Berthier and Benoit Carry.

This work also benefited from experience gained from projects supported by the ESA SCI-OO research funding.


If you have used ESASky for your research, the following acknowledgement would be appreciated:

This research has made use of ESASky, developed by the ESAC Science Data Centre (ESDC) team and maintained alongside other ESA science mission's archives at ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC, Madrid, Spain).

We maintain a list of all publications that acknowledge the use of ESASky.