ESA/Webb Outreach Images

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the largest optical or infrared observatory ever launched to space. Developed in a collaboration between NASA, ESA and CSA, Webb observes the Universe in infrared light from its orbit at the Lagrangian point L2, 1.5 million kilometres away from Earth.

The ESA/Webb and ESASky teams have collaborated again to develop an application programming interface that connects the images on the ESA/Webb website with the ESASky application, which allows users to overlay outreach images released by the ESA/Webb team on top of the ESASky public astronomical data.

In Explorer mode, click on the Webb icon to display the available images. Click on a list item or a footprint in the sky and the outreach image is overlaid on the sky. A text box opens with the description of the image and the link to its location on the ESA/Webb website. You can play with the opacity by sliding the Image Opacity bar to the left and to the right. The ESA/Webb and the ESA/Hubble Outreach Images features can be opened together, allowing users to switch between and compare the awe-inspiring outreach images from Webb and Hubble. 

See here for the announcement of this feature.

IMPORTANT: These images are created for outreach purposes and they are not intended for scientific use.