VOSpec Release Notes

VOSpec 6.8

Released 27th April 2016.

New enhancements:

  • Use of new RegTAP registry interface.
  • ESACERT issues solved for jsp pages.

VOSpec 6.7

Released 16th July 2015.

New enhancements:

  • Combatibility with Java 1.7
  • Support to image extension based spectra

VOSpec 6.6

Released 29th January 2013.

New major enhancements:

  • Table row highlight SAMP message (when data is sent from VOSpec to other tools via the SAMP protocol, such as to Aladin or Topcat, table rows highlighted in VOSpec are immediately highlighted in these tools, and vice versa).

New minor enhancements:

  • SAMP monitor showing duplicate registrations.

VOSpec 6.5

Released 10th July 2012.

New major enhancements:

  • Early photometry services implementation.

New minor enhancements:

  • Improved threads handling with progress bars.
  • "Select all" spectra operations.
  • Support for local non flux-calibrated spectra.

VOSpec 6

Released 22nd January 2010.

New major enhancements:

  • Errors display.
  • Photometry: SSA/TSA photometric services consumption, synthetic photometry.

New minor enhancements:

  • SAMP sending spectra as tables

VOSpec 5.5

Released 3rd September 2009.

New major enhancements:

  • Best Fit fitting algorithm
  • SAMP integration

New minor enhancements:

  • 1D FITS Spectrum Images support
  • local file parsers updated

VOSpec 5.1

Released 21st May 2009.

New major enhancements:

  • Registry interface update to rec 1.01 - New Euro-VO and NVO registries usage
  • SSA interface updated to REC 1.04
  • NVO SED library inclusion for SDM 1.0+ compatible spectra

VOSpec 5.0

Released 26th March 2009.

New major functionalities:

  • Dual spectra selector
    • Reconfigurable tree
    • Sortable table
  • Local Registry
  • Distance metadata calculation