Guadalupe Canas Herrera

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

I am a Theoretical Cosmologist working in understanding how the Universe began, how it evolved and what its ultimate fate could be. In particular, I am interested in studying how the primordial density seeds that populated the very early universe, and evolved to form the current Large Scale Structure that we see today, were generated. The generation of those primordial seeds should have left an inprint in the distribution of matter in the Universe, which can be traced by looking at different astrophysical observations; for instance, the Cosmic Microwave Background or other large Scale Structure observables such as Weak Lensing or Galaxy Clustering.

For that, I perform statistical analysis of beyond-Standard cosmological models to test them against data and therefore obtain constraints in the amount of Dark Energy, Dark and Baryonic Matter or even in the distribution of the primordial density perturbations. Furthermore, I am interested in forecasting the performance of new experiments or new observables, for instance, Gravitational Waves.

Moreover, I am an active member of the Euclid Consortium. In particular, I am a software developer currently working for the code "Cosmology Likelihood for Observables in Euclid" or simply, CLOE. This software is part of the official data anlysics pipeline that will be eventually used to extract cosmological constraints of the Euclid data. Within the consortium, I am also co-leading the responsible group in charge of using CLOE to test beyond-Standard Cosmological Models to discernish the nature of Dark Matter or Dark Energy, or to test alternative inflationary models.


  • Cosmology
  • Large Scale Structure
  • Initial Conditions, inflation
  • Cross-correlations
  • New observables
  • Bayesian Statistical inference
  • Machine Learning

Ongoing collaborations

  • Euclid Consortium
  • Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Leiden Observatory 
  • Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics
  • University of Cantabria


Check my publications in my ORCID or High Energy Physics INSPIRE profiles

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twitter: @guadalupecah