Cosmographia is a visualization program rendering the solar system and its bodies in 3D to create a freely navigable map of the solar system. The program allows manipulation of time and camera (observer) position. It can use SPICE data to visualize trajectory, orientation, and sensors flown on and observations taken by interplanetary spacecraft, to support scientific or engineering analysis, and perhaps even public outreach.

The Cosmographia JUICE plugin is a software that adds extra features to the Cosmographia tool allowing an easy 3D visualisation of the JUICE spacecraft manoeuvres and instrument pointing.

The package deals with the tedious build-up of Cosmographia catalog files, hiding the low level details and providing a turn-key solution for quick and easy visualization of JUICE pointing

Plugin Features

  • Creation of complete Cosmographia scenes.
  • JUICE Spacecraft 3D Models integrated.
  • Sensor and observation configuration.
  • Automatic SPICE Kernel setup based on metakernels.
  • Load individual CKs

Important Notice: The plugin works with Cosmographia version 4.2 or higher

Plugin Installation

  1. If needed, download Cosmographia 4.x corresponding to your OS from ESAC SPICE service ftp:

  2. Download the last version of the Cosmographia Juice plugin appropiate to your cosmographia version in the HTTP download site

  3. Extract the Juice plugin zip content within the folder 'cosmographia-4.x'

Plugin help and documentation

For further information about the plugin, please visit the JUICE Cosmographia help site