working groups

In order to account for the multidisciplinary aspects of this mission, the JUICE Science Working Team delegates tasks to scientific working groups. These working groups focus on specific topics of research. 


  • to stimulate scientific discussions and collaborations amongst the JUICE teams;
  • to support the JUICE science working team and project during the development phase (when needed);
  • to analyse the spacecraft trajectory in term of scientific opportunities;
  • to study synergistic scientific campaigns of payload operations;
  • to assess the scientitic return of the mission;
  • to generate models relevant to the JUICE investigations (e.g. reference ionosphere, exosphere, dust models, etc..);


Four groups are currently in place:

  1. Working group 1: Internal structure, subsurface and geophysics of giant icy moons (leads: Tim Van Hoolst and Gabriel Tobie)
  2. Working group 2: Surfaces and exospheres of satellites, dust and rings (leads: Cecilia Tubiana and John Carter)
  3. Working group 3: Jovian magnetosphere and plasma environment (leads:Ronan Modolo and Elias Roussos)
  4. Working group 4: Jupiter Atmosphere (leads: Thibault Cavalie and Vincent Hue)

The coordination between these groups is done by the Project Scientist and the Science Operations Center.



  • definition and membership of the working groups
  • study of three science operational scenarios: Europa flubys, a typical Jupiter equatorial orbit, 500 km Ganymede circular orbit


  • analysis of the "energy reduction" phase of the JUICE trajectory
  • support the project in the Jupiter radiation environment update


  • analysis of the Jupiter tour trajectory (phases 2 to 5)
  • support the SOC in the strategic planning of the phases 2 to 5 of the Jupiter tour


  • First version of the Jupiter tour segmentation and data volume analysis
  • Ganymede phase analysis


  • Rotation of part of the Working Group leads


Working Groups Livelink folder (Restricted Access)