The JUICE spacecraft is a 3-axis stabilized platform that will accommodate 10 instruments. The power subsystem consists in  a solar array with two wings of five panels each for a total surface of 85 m2 providing ~820 W at Jupiter (end of life conditions), and a Li-ion battery.

A 2.5 m diameter High Gain Antenna, using X- and Ka- bands, will ensure telemetry/telecommand links for routine operations, safe-mode, and radio science related investigations. At least, 1.4 Gbits of scientific data will be downloaded every day.

The propulsion system is a bi-propellant main engine plus a set of 10 thrusters. The two main mission manoeuvres are the Jupiter and Ganymede orbit insertions. Two vaults will provide to some electronics a shielding against the harsh Jupiter radiation environment, as well as adequate thermal conditions.

The spacecraft includes deployable appendices such as a 10.6 m boom supporting JMAG and RPWI sensors, a 16 m radar antenna, and a steerable medium gain antenna used for communication and radio-science investigations.