Acronym Description
3GM Gravity and Geophysics of Jupiter and the Galilean Moons
AA Academy of Athens
ABCL As Built Configuration List
AC Alternative Current
Advanced Composition Explorer
Attitude Control Error
ACKE Attitude Control Knowledge Error
ACS Auto-Correlation Spectrometer
ACTEL Manufacturer of single-chip FPGAs
AD Applicable Document
ADC Analog to Digital Converter
ADE Axially Displaced Ellipse (HGA)
ADP Acceptance Data Package
ADS Airbus Defense and Space

Analog Digital Unit

AE-8 Electron radiation model for Earth, Version 8
AFT Abbreviated Functional Test

Absolute Guidance Error


Absolute Guidance Knowledge Error

AGM Attitude Generator Module
AGND Analog GrouND
AIT Assembly, Integration, and Test
AIV Assembly, Integration and Verification
AIVT Assembly Integration, Verification and Testing
AIVV Acceptance Integration Verification and Validation
AKE Attitude Knowledge Error
AM Amplitude Modulation
AMA Absolute Measurement Accuracy
AMBA Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (CDMS)
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AO Announcement of Opportunity
AOCS Attitude and Orbit Control System
AOS Acquisition Of Signal
AP-8 Proton radiation model for Earth, Version 8
AP Archiving Phase
APB Advanced Peripheral Bus (CDMS)
APD Avalanche Photo Diode (GALA)
APE Absolute Pointing Error
API Application Programming Interface
APID Application Process IDentifier (EPS-PCDU)
APL Applied Physics Laboratory
Active Pixel Sensor (JANUS, STR)
Auxiliary Power Supply (EPS-PCDU)
AR Acceptance Review
ARW Angular Random Walk
AS Archive Scientist
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASG Alarm Signal Generation (CDMS)
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASMP Asymmetrical Multi-Processing (CDMS)
ASW Application Software
AT Acceptance Test
ATLL Along Track Launch Lock (SWI)
ATNM Predicted spacecraft attitude file
ATP Acceptance Test Plan
ATPM Planned spacecraft attitude file
ATRM Reconstructed spacecraft attitude file
AU Astronomical Unit
AVM Avionics Model

Advanced Water Vapour Radiometers 

BB Bread Board
BCDR Battery Charge Discharge Regulator (EPS-PCDU)
BCR Battery Charge Regulator (EPS-PCDU)
BDM Bi-Level Discrete Monitor (COMS)
BDR Battery Discharge Regulator (EPS-PCDU)
BEA Battery Error Amplifier (EPS-PCDU)
BER Bit Error Rate
BFU Baffle Unit (GALA)
BIST Built In Self Test (CDMS)
BLVA Battery Low Voltage Alarm (EPS)
BOB Break Out Box
BOL Beginning Of Life
BP Baseplate
BPS Bit Per Second
BPSK Binary Phase Shift Key
BRF Bit Rate File
BSM Bilevel Digital Switch (CDMS)
BSP Board Support package (CDMS)
BSU Bus Supervising Unit (RPWI)
Boot SoftWare
Basic SoftWare (CDMS)
BUATP Back-up OCC User Test Plan
BUATR Back-up OCC User Test Report
C/A Closest approach
CA Closest Approach
CaC Cost at Completion
CAD Computer Aided Design
CADM Configuration And Data Management
CADU Channel Access Data Unit (CDMS)
CAN Controller Atrea Network (CDMS)

Common Astronomy Software Applications

CAT Category
CAU Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Germany
CBC Cipher Block Chaining (CDMS)
CBE Common Cause Analysis
CBK Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences
CBUS Bus capacitor (EPS-PCDU)
CC Configuration Control
CCB Configuration Control Board
CCCP Cleanliness and Contamination Control Plan
CCD Charged-Coupled Device
CCEM Ceramic Channel Electron Multipliers (PEP)
CCH Continuum Channel Head (SWI)
CCN Change Contract Notice
CCP Contamination Control Plan
CCR Configuration Change Requests
CCS Central Check-out System
CCSDS Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
Common Data Format
Concurrent Design Facility
CDMS Command & Data Management Subsystem
CDMU Command and Data Management Unit
CDR Critical Design Review
CDSM Coupled Dark State Magnetometer
Conducted Emission
Charge Exchange
Conducted Emissions
Critical Event Log
CELIAS Charge, Element, and Isotope Analysis System
CEM Channel Electron Multipliers
CESR Centre d'Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements, Toulouse, France
CFDP CCSDS File Delivery Protocol
CFI Customer Furnished Instrument
CFRP Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Critical Item
Configuration Item
CIDL Configuration Item Definition List
CIL Critical Item List
CK Camera-matrix Kernel (SPICE)
Common Mode
Configuration Manager
CMM Configuration Management

Capability Maturity Model Integration

CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMP Configuration Management Plan
CMU Clock Management unit (RPWI)
CNES Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales
Co-Pi Co-Principal Investigator
CODEC Coder-DECoder
CoG Center of Gravity
CoI Co-Investigator
CoM Center of Mass
COM Cover Module (JANUS)
COMS Communication Subsystem
COTS Commercial off-the-shelf
Cruise Phase
Command Period
CPCU Command and Process Control Unit
CPDM Command Pulse Distribution Module
CPDU Command Pulse Distribution Unit
CPEM Cold Plasma Environment Model
CPPA Coordinated Parts Procurement Agency
CPS Chemical Propulsion Subsystem
CPU Central Processing Unit
Common Rack
Change Request
Cards Rack
CRC Cyclic Redundant Code
CReMA Consolidated Report on Mission Analysis
CRF Command Request File
CROME Command, Reconfiguration, On.board time, teleMEtry ASIC (CDMS-CDMU)
CRP Contingency Recovery Procedure
Conducted Susceptibility
Conversion Surface
CSAP Contingency Support Activity Plan
CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item
CSDR Core System Design Review
CSV Comma-separated Values
CSVT Core System Validation Test
CSW Central Software
CTP Core Technology Programme
CTS Chirp Transform Spectrometer
Compression Unit
Clean Up
CUC CCSDS Unsegmented time Code (CDMS)
CVN Chinese VLBI Network

Calendar Week

D/HSO Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations
D/SRE Directorate of Science and Robotic Exploration
DAC Digital to Analog Converter
DARC Data ARChive (EGOS)
DAWG Data Archive Working Group
DB Database
DBNAM JUICE Database Naming Convention
DBS Database Mangement System
DC Direct Current
DCC Direct Current Converter
DCDC Direct Current Direct Current
DCG Digital Chirp Generator (RIME)
DCL Declared Components List
DCN Document Change Notice
DCO Data Cut-Off
Dedicated Control Room
Document Change Request
DD Design Document
DDID Data Delivery Interface Document
DDL Deliverable Document List
DDOR Delta Differential One-way Ranging
Data Disposition System
Direct Digital Synthesis (RIME)
DEM Digital Elevation Model
Digital Electronics Section (RIME)
Digital Electronics Subsystem
DET Detector
DFT Data Flow Tests
DGMM Detailed Geometrical Mathematical model
DGND Digital GrouND
DHAWG Data Handling and Archiving Working Group
DJF Design Justification File
DL Downlink
DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt
DM SGS Development Manager
DMA Direct Memory Acess (CDMS)
DMF Differential Mode Filter (EPS-PCDU)
DML Declared Materials List
DMP Data Management Plan
DMPL Declared Mechanical Parts List
DMS Data Managament Subsystem
DMU Digital Mock-Up
DN Data Number
DOA Direction Of Arrival (RPWI)
Department of Defence
Depth of Discharge (EPS-Battery)
DOR Differential One-way Ranging (COMS)
DP Development Phase
DPA Destructive Physical Analysis
DPAICD Data Producer to Archive Interface Control Document
DPL Declared Process List
Data Processing Unit (GALA)
Digital Processing Module (JANUS)
DPP Data Processing Pipeline (UVS)
DPS Deputy Project Scientist
Data Processing Unit
Digital Processing Unit (RPWI)
DQE Detective Quantum Efficiency (UVS)
DR Design Review
DRB Delivery Review Board
DRD Document Requirements Definition
DRL Document Requirements List
DS Development Schedule
DSA Dedicated Support Area
Data Systems Manager
Deep Space Manoeuvre
DSN Deep Space Network
Digital Signal Processor (CDMS)
Digital Signal Processing
DST Deep Space Transponder
DTD Documentation Tree Document
DTM Digital Terrain Model
DTMM Detailed Thermal Mathematical Model
DUTH Democritus University of Thrace, Greece
DV Data Volume
E/PO Education/Public Outreach
E2E End to End
EADS European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company
EAGLE Enhanced Attitude Guidance through Limb Extraction
EAICD Experiment to Archive Interface Control Document
EAR Export Administration Regulations
EARM ECSS Applicability Requirements Matrix
EAT Engineering Acceptance Tests
EAVN East Asia VLBI Network
EBB Elegant BreadBoard
Electronics Box
Electronic BOX (RPWI)
ECA Etage Cryogénique A
ECC ESTRACK Control Centre
ECCN Export Control Classification Number (UVS)
ECPP Electromagnetic Compatibility Control Plan
ECR Engineering Change Request
ECSS European Co-operation for Space Standardization
EDAC Error Detection And Correction
EDDS EGNOS Data Dissemination System
EDF Experiment Definition File [EPS]
EEE Electrical and Electronic Equipment
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EGOS ESA Ground Operation System
EGSE Electrical Ground Support Equipment
EI Enterprise Ireland
EICD Electrical Interface Control Document
EID-B Experiment Interface Document - part B
EID Experiment Interface Document
EIDP End Item Data Package
EIT External Elements integration Tests
EJSM Europa Jupiter System Mission
ELDRS Enhanced Low Dose rate Sensitivity
ELM Electrical Model
ELV Elevation scanning system
Electrical Model
Engineering Model
Electromagnetic Cleanliness
Electromagnetic Compatibility
EME2000 Earth Mean Equator of 2000
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
EMP End of Mission Phase
EMS ESTRACK Management System
ENA Energetic Neutral Atom
EoC End of Charge (EPS-Battery)
EoD End of Discharge (EPS-Battery)
EOL End Of Life
EOM End of Mission
EOP End Of Packet (CDMS)
EP Entrance Pupil
EPA Dust particle filter (product name)
EPC Electric Power Conditioner (COMS-TWTA)
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
Experiment Planning System
Electrical Power Subsystem
EQM Engineering & Qualification Model
EQSR Equipment Qualification Status Review
ERIC European Research Infrastructure Consortium
Electrostatic Analyzer
European Space Agency
ESAC European Space Astronomy Centre
Equivalent Source Dipole
Electrostatic Discharge
ESDC ESAC Science Data Centre
ESM Earth Strobing Mode
ESOC European Space Operations Centre
ESTAR Electron Stopping Power and range Tables (J-MAG)
ESTEC European Space Research and Technology Centre
ESTRACK ESA Tracking Stations Network
ETB Engineering Test Bed
ETBITP ETB Integration and Test Plan
ETBITR ETB Integration and Test Report
ETBTP ETB Transfer Plan
EU Electronic Unit
EUV Extreme Ultra Violet
EVEME Earth Venus Earth Mars Earth
EVL Event Logger
EVN European VLBI Network
EVTF Event file (long-term)
EVTM Event file (short-term)
F/B Fly-By
FAC Field Aligned Current
FAME Functional AOCS Multi-purpose Environment
FARC File ARChive (EGOS)
FB Flyby
FCP Flight Control Procedure
FCT Flight Control Team
FCTTP FCT Training Plan
FD Flight Dynamics
FDDB Flight Dynamics Database
FDIR Failure Detection Isolation and Recovery
Flight Dynamics Manager
Frequency Distribution Module
FDR Flight Dynamics Room
FDS Flight Dynamics System
FECS FD Events and Communications Skeleton file
Front End Electronics
Front End Equipment
FEM Finite Element Model
FER Frame Error Rate
FFPT Full Functional and Performance Test
FFT-Q Full Functional Test - Qualification
FFT-W Full Functional Test - Workmanship
Fast Fourier Transform
Full Functional Test
FGM FluxGate Magnetometer (J-MAG)
FIT Failure In Time
FK Frames Kernel (SPICE)
FM Flight Model
FMC Forward Monte Carlo
FMEA Failure Mode Effects and Analysis
FMECA Failure Mode Effects Criticality Analysis
FMI Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
FO Failed Operative (CDMS)
FOG Fibber Optic Gyro
Flight Operations Plan
Flight Operation Procedures
FOPP FOP Production Plan
FOPPP FOP Production Plan
FoR Field of Regard
FoV Field of View
FP Final Presentation
FPA Focal Plane Assembly
FPGA Field Programmable gate Array
Flight Spare
Fail Safe (CDMS)
FSW Flight Software (UVS)
Fault Tree Analysis
Fixed Time of Arrival
FTE Full Time Equivalent
FTF File Transfer Form
FTL FD Timeline file
FUV Far-Ultraviolet
FWF Fonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (Austrian Science Fund)
FWHM Full Width at half maximum
G/S Ground Station
GA Geometric factor per Anode
GALA GAnymede Laser Altimeter
GAM Gravity Assist Maneuvre
GANDALF GANymede plasma Density And Low Frequency waves (RPWI)
GaTech Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
GB Giga-byte (10^9 bytes)
Gbit Giga-bit (109 bits)
Ganymede Concentric Orbit
Ganymede Circular Orbit
GCR Galactic Cosmic Rays
GDIR General Design and Interface Requirements
GDML Geometry Description Markup Language
GEANT4 Simulation toolkit for passage of particles through matter
GEO Ganymede Elliptical Orbit
GF Geometric Factor
GFRP Glass Fiber Reinforced plastic
GFSK Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying
GFTS Generic File Transfer System
GGA Ganymede Gravity Assist
GiB Gibi-byte (230 bytes = 1 073 741 824 bytes)
GIRE Galileo Interim Electron Radiation (model)
GN2 Gaseous Nitrogen (N2)
GNC Guidance Navigation & Control
GND Ground
GOI Ganymede Orbit Insertion
GOIRR Ganymede Orbit Operations Readiness Review
GOM Ground Operations Manager
GPH Geophysics
GRAS Geant4 Radiation Analysis for Space
GRM Ground Reference Model
Ground Station
Solid Geometric factor
GSDR Ground Segment Design Review
GSE Ground Support Equipment
GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center
GSFUP Ground Segment Facilities Utilisation Plan
GSIR Ground Segment Implementation Review
GSM Ground Segment Manager
GSRqR Ground Segment Requirement Review
GSRR Ground Segment Readiness Review
GSRT General Secretariat of Research and Technology of Greece
GSSRD Ground System Requirements Document
GSSTP Ground Segment System Test Plan
GST Ground Segment Team
GTO Geostationary Transfer Orbit
H/W Hardware
HA Hazard Analysis
HAA High Accuracy Accelerometer
HDP Hold Down Point
HDRM Hold-Down, Release & deployment Mechanism
HET High-Energy Telescope
HF High Frequency
HGA High Gain Antenna
HK Housekeeping
HMI Human Machine Interface
HPEM Hot Plasma Environment Model
HSIA Hardware-Software Interaction Analysis
HSO Hungarian Space Office
HTML Hyper Text Mark-up Language
HTTP Hyper Text Transport Protocol
HV High Voltage
HVPS High Voltage Power Supply
I/O Input/Output
IAPS Istituto di Astrofisica e Planetologia Spaziali
IAR Instrument Acceptance Review
IAS Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale
IC Integrated Circuit
ICD Interface Control Document
ICDR Instrument Critical Design Reviews
ICR Instrument Consolidation Review
ICW Ion Cyclotron Wave
ID Identifier
IDS Interdisciplinary Scientist
Intermediate Frequency
Interface Electronics
Instrument Front-End Electronics
IFoV Instantaneous Field-of-View
IGST Integrated Ground-Space Test
IGSTP IGST Master Test Plan
IGSTR IGST Test slot Reports
IK Instrument Kernel (IK)
ILS Instrument Line of Sight
IM Instrument Manager
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit
IPC Industrial Policy Committee
IPDR Instrument Preliminary Design Review
Instrument Preliminary Integration Facility
IPRR Instrument Preliminary Requirements Review
IQR Instrument Qualification Review
Integrated Reflectron
Implementation Review
IRAP Institut de recherche en astrophysique et planétologie, France
IRF Swedish Institute of Space Physics
IRFU Swedish institute of Space Physics, Uppsala
Ion Source
ISA Israel Space Agency
ISAS Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan
ISMM Instrument Structural Mathematical Model
IST Integrated Satellite Tests
ISV Independent Software Validation
ISVR Instrument Science Verification Review
IT/SOC ICD Instrument Team/SOC Interface Control Document
IT Instrument Team
ITAR Internaional Traffic in Arms Regulations
Instrument Timeline file [EPS]
Instrument Time Line
ITMM Instrument Thermal Mathematical Model
ITO Indium Tin Oxide
Interplanetary Transfer Phase
Interface Test Plan
IV&V Independent Verification & Validation
IWF Institut fuer Weltraumforschung
J-MAG MAGnetometer for Juice
Juice Alignment Calibration System
Juice Archive Core System
JANUS Jovis, Amorum ac Natorum Undique Scrutator
JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JCAT JUICE Charging Analysis Tools
JDC Jovian plasma Dynamics and Composition analyzer
JDR JUICE Archive Core System
JEI Jovian Electron and Ion analyser
JENI Jovian Energetic Neutrals and Ions
JENRAGE Jupiter ENvironment radio Astronomy and Ganymede Exploration (RPWI)
JEO Jupiter Europa Orbiter
JES Jupiter Environment Specification
JGO Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter
JHU-APL Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory, USA
JIVE Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC
JMATP JMCS Acceptance Test Plan
JMATR JMCS Acceptance Test Report
JMC Juice Monitoring Camera
JMCS JUICE Mission Control System
JMU Juice Monitoring Unit
JMUND JMCS User Needs Document
JNA Jovian Neutrals Analyser
JOC JUICE Operations Center
JODR Jupiter Operations Design Review
JoEE Jovian Energetic Electrons
JOI Jupiter Orbit Insertion
JOIR Jupiter Operations Implementation Review
JOIRR Jupiter Orbit Insertion Readiness Review
JORR Jupiter Operations Readiness Review
JOSE Jovian Specification Environment model
JSATP JSIM Acceptance Test Plan
JSATR JSIM Acceptance Test Report
JSE Jupiter Solar Equatorial
JSO Jupiter Solar Orbital
JSOC JUICE Science Operation Center
JSR Jovian Synchrotron Radiation
JUICE JUpiter ICy moons Explorer
KaT Ka Band Transponder (3GM)
KID Key Interface Data
KIP Key Inspection Points
KO Kick-off
KoM Kick-off Meeting
KSC Kennedy Space center (UVS)
LA Launch
LAN Local Area Network
LAT Lot Acceptance Test
LAU-ICD Launch Vehicle ICD
LBA Long Baseline Array
LCL-HG Latch Current Limiter-Heater Group (PCDU)
LCL-PO Latch Current Limiter-Permanent On (PCDU)
LCL-SO Latch Current Limiter-Safe Off (PCDU)
LCL Latch Current Limiter
LCM Laser Control Module (GALA)
LDD Laser Diode Driver (GALA)
LEGA Lunar Earth Gravity Assist
LEO Low Earth Orbit
LEON3FT Fault-tolerant processor
LEOP Launch and Early Orbit Phase
LET Linear Energy Transfer
LEU Laser Electronic Unit (GALA)
LF Low Frequency
LGA Low Gain Antenna
LHE Laser Head Electronics (GALA)
LHM Laser Housing (GALA)
LIC Launcher Insertion Correction
LISN Line Impedance Stabilization Network
LIT Listen-In Test
LLI Long Lead Item
LLSS Low Level Sine Sweep test (RPWI)
LM Local Manager
LND Leonardo Company
LoD List of Documents
Loss of Signal
LP-PWI Langmuir Probe and Plasma Wave Instrument (RPWI)
LP Langmuir Probe
LPAP Laboratoire de Physique Atmospherique et Planetaire, Belgium
LPP Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas, France
LRR Launch Readiness Review
LS Linear Sum
LSO Lutetium Oxyorthosilicate (scintillator material)
LSS Large Space Simulator
LTMP Long Term Monitoring Plan
LTOF Linear Time Of Flight
LTP Long Term Plan
LV Launch Vehicle
LVA Launch Vehicle Adapter
LVDS Low Voltage Differential Signal
LVPS Low Voltage Power Supply (RPWI)

Mission Analysis

MAG Magnetometer (J-MAG)
MAGCTD MAG Data Distribution Cable Tree (J-MAG)
MAGCTP MAG Power Distribution Cable Tree (J-MAG)
MAGELB MAG electronics Box (J-MAG)
MAGIBM MAG Inboard Mounting Kit (J-MAG)
MAGIBS MAG Inboard Fluxgate Sensor (J-MAG)
MAGIBT MAG Inboard Thermal Hardware (J-MAG)
MAGIHB MAG Inboard Boom Harness (J-MAG)
MAGOBM MAG Outboard Mounting Kit (J-MAG)
MAGOBS MAG Outboard Fluxgate Sensor (J-MAG)
MAGOBT MAG Outboard Thermal Hardware (J-MAG)
MAGOHB MAG Outboard Boom Harness (J-MAG)
MAGSCA Scalar magnetometer
MAIT Manufacturing,Assembly,Integration and Testing
MAIV Manufacturing,Assembly,Integration and Verification
MAJIS Moons And Jupiter Imaging Spectrometer
MAL ESTRACK Malargüe Ground Station
MAP Mission Archive Plan
MAPPS Mission Analysis and Payload Planning System
MARSIS Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding
MC Monte Carlo
MCAL Mission Calendar
MCI Mass, Centre of Gravity and Inertia
MCM Mechanism Control Module (JANUS)
MCP MicroChannel Plate (UVS, PEP)
MCR Main Control Room
MCS Mission Control System
MCU Multiple Cell Upset (JANUS)
MD Mass Dummy
MDM Micro-D Metal shell connector
MDS Mission Data Systems
ME Main Electronics Unit (JANUS)
MEA Main Error Amplifier (EPS-PCDU)
MEBM Main Engine Boost Mode
MEFISTO MEsskammer für FlugzeitInStrumente und Time-Of-Flight
MEU Main Electronics Unit (JANUS)
MEX Mars Express
MGA Medium Gain Antenna
MGAMA Medium Gain Antenna Mechanism Assembly
MGSE Mechanical Ground Support Equipment
MHD Magnetohydrodynamics
Mission Information Base
Minimum Impulse Bit
Mechanical Interface Control Drawings
Mechanical Interface Control Document
MIME Mutual Impedance Experiment (RPWI)
Mandatory Inspection Point
Minimally Ionizing Particle
Mission Implementation Plan
MIRD Mission Implementation Requirements Document
MKE Mean Knowledge Error
MLAT Magnetic Latitude
MLI Multi Layer Insulation
MLT Magnetic Local Time
MM Mission Manager
MMPP Management of Materials, Mechanical Parts and Processes Program
MN Minutes of Meetings
MOC Mission Operations Centre
MOCD Mission Operations Concept Document
MoI Moment of inertia
MOIS Manufacturing and Operations Information System
MOISC MOIS Customisation for JUICE
MoS Margin of Safety
MOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFET Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MPAD Mission Planning Assumption Document
MPC Mission Planning Concept
MPCB Material and Parts Control Borad
MPDD Model Payload Definition Document
MPL Material and Processes List
MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracker (EPS)
Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
Mission Planning System
MRAM Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory
MRB Material Review Board
MRD Mission Requirement Document
MRR Manufacturing Readiness Review
MRT Mission Readiness Test
MSSL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UK
MST Mission Sequence Test
MT Mission Tests
MTF Modulation Transfer Function
MTL Mission Timeline
MTOF Mass Time-of-Flight
MTP Medium Term Plan
MULASSIS Multi-layered shielding simulation software
N/A Not Applicable
NAC Narrow Angle Camera
NAVCAM Navigation camera
NC Non Compliance
NCO Numerically Controlled Oscillator
Non-Conformity Report
Non Conformance Report
NCTS Non-Conformance Tracking System
NDA Non Disclosure Agreement
NDATP NDIU User Acceptance Test Plan
NDATR NDIU User Acceptance Test Report
NDIU Network Data Interface Unit
NECP Near Earth and Commissioning Phase
NECR Near Earth Commissioning Review
NESR Noise Equivalent Spectral Radiance
NGA Non-Gravitational Accelerations
NIEL Non Ionizing Energy Loss
NIM Neutral and Ion Mass Spectrometer
NM Normal Mode
NMP Nominal Mission Phase
NNO ESTRACK New Norcia Ground Station
NPSL NASA Parts Selection List
NRB Non-conformance Review Board
NSP Nominal Science Phase
NU Nadir Unit
NVR Non Volatile Residue
OAICD Operational Archive Interface Control Document
OAP Off Axis parabola (UVS)
OBC On-Board Computer
OBCP On-Board Control Procedure
OBCPICD On-board Control Procedures ICD
OBCPTP OBCP Tools Transfer Plan
OBPTR OBCP Tools Integration and Test Report
OBS Organization Breakdown Structure
OBSIMCD On-board SW Maintenance ICD
OBSM On-Board Software Maintenance
OBSTP OBSM Tools Integration and Test Plan
OBSTR OBSM Tools Integration and Test Report
OBSW On-Board Software
OBSWTP OBSW Tools Transfer Plan
OBTP OBCP Tools Integration and Test Plan
OCC Operations Control Center
Operations Concept Document
Operations Constraint Document
Orbit Control Maneuver
Orbit Control Mode
OCR Operations Concept trade-off Report
OD Orbit Determination
OE Operations Engineer
OGS Operational Ground Segment
OGSE Optics Ground Support Equipment
Optical Head
Optical Head
OHU Optical Head Unit (JANUS)
OIRD Operations Interface Requirements Document
OM SGS Operations Manager
On-board Mass Memory
OBC (On-board computer) Mass Memory
OOL Out Of Limit
OOP Out Of Plane
OP Operational Plan
OPSLAN Operations Local Area Network
OPSNET operational ground communications network
OR Observation Report
ORCD Operational Rules and Constraints Document
ORM Operations Readiness Meeting
ORR Operational Readiness Review
OS Operation Scientist
OSS Open Source Software
OTP Operations Training Plan
OWS Optical Witness Sample (UVS)
PA Product Assurance
PAD Parts Approval Document
PAM Product Assurance Manager
PAP Product Assurance Plan
PAR Product Assurance Report
PARC Packet ARChive (EGOS)
PC Personal Computer
PCA Propellant Control Assembly
Printed Circuit Board
Part Control Board
PCDU Power Control and Distribution Unit (EPS)
PCM Power Converter Module (GALA)
PD Process Definition
PDE Pointing Drift Error
PDM Power Distribution Module (GALA)

Payload Direct Operation Request

PDR Preliminary Design Review
PDS Planetary Data System
PE Proximity Electronics
PECS Participating European Cooperating State
PEEK PolyEther Ether Ketone
PEM PEP Engineering Manager
PEP-Hi Particle Environment Package High Energy
PEP-Lo Particle Environment Package Low Energy
PEP Particle Environment Package
PES Performance Evaluation System
PFM Proto-Flight Model
PGND Primary GrouND (EPS-PCDU)
PGSE Purging Ground Support Equipment
PH Pulse Height
PHA Pulse-Height Analysis
PHASIC Pulse Height Application Specific Integrated Circuit
PI Principal Investigator
PIA Pressurant Isolation Assembly
PIO PEP Instrument Office
PISA PI Support Area


PL-ICD Planning Interface Control Document
PLID Planning ICD
PLL Phase Lock Loop
PLM Payload Module
PLOBSMICD Payload On-board Software Maintenance ICD
PLOPS Payload Operations Concept for Cruise
Project Manager
Progress Meeting
Processor Module
PMAR Preliminary Mission Analysis Review
PMP Project Management Plan
PN Pseudo Noise (COMS)
PO Project Office
POL JUICE Payload Observation Library
POP Post Operation Phase
POR Payload Operation Request file
PP Planetary Protection
PPL Preference Part List
Planetary Protection Officer
PEP Project Office
Planetary Protection Requirements Document
Product Assurance Requirements Std PA, radiation
PPS Pulse Per Second
PR Progress Report
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency (RIME)
PRIDE Planetary Radio Interferometer & Doppler Experiment
PRM Perijove Rasing Manoeuvre
PRODEX PROgrammede Développement d'EXpériences scientifiques
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory
PRR Preliminary Requirements Review
PS Project Scientist
Planetary Science Archive
Part Stress Analysis
PSATP PSS User Acceptance Test Plan
PSATR PSS User Acceptance Test Report
PSD Power Spectral Density
PSF Point Spread Function
PSM Power Supply Module (JANUS)
PSOG PEP Science Operation Group
PSR Project Support Room
PSURD PSS User Requirements Document
PT Performance Tests
PTCB Process Tailoring Change Board
Post Test Review
Pointing Timeline Request file
Process Tailoring Request
PUS Packet Utilisation Standard
PWM Pulse Width Modulated
QA Quality Assurance
QCI Quality Conformance Inspection
QLA Quick Look Analysis
QLL Qualification Level Load
QM Qualification Model
QMS Quality Managment System
Qualified Product List
Qualified Part List
QR Qualification Review
QS Quasi Static
QTN Quasi Thermal Noise (RPWI)
R-S Reed-Solomon
RA Radiation Analysis
RAAN Right Ascension of the Ascending Node
RAB Resource Allocation Board
RADEM RADiation-hard Electron Monitor
RAM Random Access Memory
RAPID Raw Archive Packet Interceptor and Dumper
RB Requirements Baseline
Radiation Design
Reference Document
RDF Radiation Design Factor
RDM Radiation Design Margin
RDS Receiver and Digital section (RIME)
RE-B Radiated Emission - B-field
RE-E Radiated Emission - E-field
RE Radiated Emissions
RF Radio Frequency
RFA Request For Approval
RFC Request for Comments
RFCT Radio Frequency Compatibility Test
RFD Request For Deviation
RFDA Radio-Frequency Distribution Assembly
RFE Receiver Front End (SWI)
RFM Range Finder Module (GALA)
RFT Reduced Functional Test
RFW Request For Waiver
RGA Residual Gas Analyzer
RGMM Reduced Geometric Mathematical Model
RH Relative Humidity
RHA Radiation Hardness Assurance
RICE Golomb-Rice compression algorithm
RID Review Item Discrepancy

Radar for Icy Moon Exploration

RIU Remote Interface Unit
RJ Jupiter Radius
Radiation Model
Reference Model
RMAP Remote Memory Address Protocol
RMB Risk Management Board
RMC Reversed Monte Carlo
RMM Risk Management Meeting
RMP Risk Management Plan
RMS Root Mean Square
RN Release Note
ROI Region Of Interest
ROM Rough Order of Magnitude
RPE Relative Pointing Error
RPO Radiation Process Owner
RPPL Radiation Preferred Part List
RPWI Radio & Plasma Wave Investigation
RqR Requirements Review
Readiness Review
Risk Register
RS-B Radiated Susceptibility - B-field
RS-E Radiated Susceptibility - E-field
Remote Sensing
Radiated Susceptibility
RSA Relay Status Acquisition
RSE Radio Science Experiment
RSI Radio Science Instrument
RSS Root Sum Square
RTA Real Time Analysis
RTAX A class of Actel radiation tolerant FPGAs
RTE Real-Time Environment
RTEMS Real-Time Operating System for Multiprocessor Systems
RTK Real Time Kernel
Reduced Thermal Mathematical Model
Reduced Thermal Mathematical Model
RTOF Round-trip Time-Of-Flight
RTS Real-Time Simulator
RVT Radiation Verification Testing
RW Reaction Wheel
RWA Reaction Wheel Assembly
RWI Radio Wave Instrument (RPWI)
RX Receiver
S&S Sensor and Subsystem
S/C Spacecraft
S/W Software
SA Solar Array
SAA Solar Aspect Angle
SAAF Solar Aspect Angle File
SADA Solar Array Drive Assembly
SADE Solar Array Drive Electronics
SADM Solar Array Drive Mechanism
SAICD Science Archive Interface Control Document
SAP Science Activity Plan
SAS Sun Acquisition Sensor
SAT Software Acceptance Tests
SCCB Software Change Control Board
SCF Solar Constants File
Sci-RD Science Requirements Document

Search Coil Magnetometer

Search Coil Magnetometer (RPWI)
SCMP Software Configuration Management Plan
SCOP Science Operation Plan
SCR Software Change Request
SDB System Database
SDD Software Design Document
SDE Software Development Environment
SDF Software Development Folder
SDG Science Discipline Group
SDM Software Development Model
SDMD Space Debris Mitigation Document
SDP Software Development Plan
SDPD SOC Data Products Definition Document
SDT Science Definition Team
SDTP Software and DB Transfer Plan
SE System Engineer
SEA Solar Elevation Angle (complementary of Solar Zenit Angle)
SEDR Single Event Dielectric Rupture
SEE Single Event Effect
SEFI Single Event Functional Interrupt
SEGU Software Engineering Guidelines for external Users
SEL Single Event Latch-up
SEU Single Event Upset
SFIRD Stations and Facilities Requirements Document
SFM Stations and Facilities Manager
SGF SGF Technology Associates Co. Ltd., Hungary
SGND Secondary GrouND (EPS-PCDU)
Science Ground Segment
Solar Generator Subsystem
SGSE System Ground Support Equipment

Segmentation Harmonization Tool

SI International System (Metric Standard)
SICD Software Interface Control Document
SIM Simulator
SIMION Ion and electron optics simulator
SIMP Simulations Plan
SIP Science Implementation Plan
SIR Simulation Room
SIRD Science Implementation Requirements Document
SIS Spacecraft Interface Simulator
SKA Square Kilometre Array
SKD SPICE Kernel Dataset
SLE Space Link Extension
SLS Signal Level Simulator
SMM Structure Mathematical Model
SMP Science Management Plan
SNR Signal to Noise Ratio
SNSB Swedish National Space Board
SOAD Science Operation Assumptions Document
SOAP Science Operations Activity Plan
SoC Statement of Compliance
SOC Science Operations Centre
SOCD Science Operation Concept Document
SOG Science Operation Group
SOIA Science Operations Implementation Agreement
SOIICD SOC Internal Interface Control Document
SOM Spacecraft Operations Manager
SOPL Science Operations Plan
SOPR Science Operations Procedures
SOPTR Science Operations Procedures Test Report
SOPTS Science Operations Procedures Test Specification
SOTP SOV Master Test Plan
SOTR SOV Master Test Report
SOV Systems Operations Validation
SOVT Systems Operations Validation Test
SoW Statement of Work
SOWG Science Operations Working Group
Solar Port (UVS)
SPA(M)R Software Product Assurance (Milestone) Report
SPA Software Product Assurance
SPACON Spacecraft Controller
SPAP Software Product Assurance Plan
SPATP SPACON Training Plan
SPE Solar Particles Event
SPENVIS The Space Environment Information System
"Spacecraft Planet Instrument ""C-matrix"" Events"
Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis (electronics development)
SPK Spacecraft Kernel (SPICE)
SPMP Software Project Management Plan
SPR Software Problem Report
SPUF Slow Power Up Flag (EPS-CDMS)
SpW Space Wire
SQA Software Quality Assurance
SQAP Software Quality Assurance Plan
SQE Software Quality Engineers
SRAM Static random Access Memory
SRD System Requirements Document
SRM Science Requirements Matrix
SRN Software Release Notes
SRP Solar Radiation Pressure
Software Requirements Review
System Requirements Review
SRS Software Requirement Specification
SS Start Surface
SSAT Sectoring Shielding Analysis Tool
SSD Solid State Detector (PEP)
SSE Sensor or Subsystems Engineer
SSICD Subsystem Interface Control Documents
SSID Sub-schedule ID
SSIRD Subsystem Interface Requirements documents
SSL Sub Solar Latitude
SSM Sensor or Subsystems Manager
SSMM Solid State mass memory (CDMS-CDMU)
SSO/PRODEX Swiss Space Office/Programme de Développement d'Experiences scientifiques
SSR Software Support Room
SSRD Space Segment Requirements Document
SSRS Space Segment Requirements Specification
Solid State Switch
Software System Specification
SSTS Structure Shielding and Thermal Subsystem
STB Software Test Bench
STEP Standardized Exchange of Product
STFC Science and Technology Facilities Council
STIL Space Technology Ireland, Ireland
STL Standard Tesselation Language or STereoLithography
STM Structural Thermal Model
STP Short Term Plan
Software Test Report
Star Tracker
SUB Sensor and Subsystems
SuDD Subsystems Design Document
SUM Software User Manual
SUTR System User Test Report
SUTS System User Test Specification
SVF Software Verification Facility
SVM Service Module
SVT System validation Tests
SVTL Safety Verification Tracking Log
SVTP System validation Test Plan
SVTR SVT Test slot Reports
SVVP System Verification and Validation Plan
SW Software
SwCM Software Configuration Management
SWI Sub-millimeter Wave Instrument
SWL Receiver Window Length
SWST Receiver Window Start
SWT Science Working Team
TA Technical Assistance
TAA Technical Assistance Agreement
TB/TV Thermal Balance/Thermal Vacuum
To Be Confirmed
To be Continued
To Be Defined
To Be Determined
TBN To Be Nominated
TBTV Thermal Balance Thermal Vacuum
TBW To Be Written
TC Telecommand
TCA Time of Closest Approach
Trim Correction Manoeuvre
Trajectory Control Manoeuvre
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
TCS Thermal Control Subsystem
TDA Technology Development Activity
TDC Time to digital conversion
TDP Technology Development Plan
TEKES Teknologian Kehittämiskeskus
TEM Telescope Module (JANUS)
TICD Thermal Interface Control Document
TID Total Ionizing Dose
TIDL Total Ionizing Dose Level
TIDS Total Ionizing Dose Sensitivity
TiN Titanium Nitrid
TLM Telemetry
TM/TC Telemetry/Telecommand
TM2RAW Telemetry to raw conversion
Technological Model
TMM Thermal Mathematical Model
TMN Transmitter and Matching Network (RIME)
TN Technical Note
TNIDL Total Non Ionizing Dose Level
TNIDS Total Non Ionizing Dose Sensitivity
TNM Thruster Normal Mode
TOF Time of Flight
TQCM Thermoelectric Quartz Crystal Microbalances
TR Test Report
Test Readiness Board
Test Review Board
TRL Technology Readiness Level
Technology Research Programme
Thermal Reference Point
TRR Test Readiness Review
Telescope and Receiver Unit (SWI)
TRansceiving Unit (GALA)
TS Test Specification
Telemetry, Tracking and Control subsystem
Telemetry, Tracking and Control Subsystem
TTM Thruster Transition Mode
TU-BS Technische Universität zu Braunschweig (J-MAG)
TV/TB Thermal Vacuum / Thermal Balance
TV Thermal Vacuum
TVAC Thermal Vacuum
TWT Travelling Wave Tube
TWTA Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier
TX Transmitter Subsystem
UA University of Wales Aberystwyth, Wales
UARF Unit Alignment Reference Frame
UBe University of Bern, Physikalisches Institut, Switzerland
UCLA Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, USA
ULEIS Ultra Low Energy Isotope Spectrometer, on ACE
ULF Ultra-Low Frequency
ULPA Dust particle filter (product name)
User Manual
University of Michigan
UMich University of Michigan, Dept. of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, USA
UML Unified Modeling Language
URD User Requirement Document
URF Unit Physical Reference Frame
URP Unit Reference Point
US MIL United States Military
USG United States Government
USO Ultra-Stable Oscillator
UT Universal Time
UTC Universal Time Convention
Ultra Violet
UVD Under Voltage Detector
UVIS UltraViolet Imaging Spectrograph, on Cassini
Ultraviolet Spectrograph, on Juno
UV imaging Spectrograph
UWA University of Wales Aberystwyth
VBN Vision Based Navigation
VC Virtual Channel
VCA Virtual Channel Assembler (CDMS-CDMU)
VCD Verification Control Document
VDA Vapour Deposit Aluminium
VEEGA Venus-Earth-Earth Gravity Assist
VEX Venus Express

Very Hot

VHDL VHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHSIC Very-High-Speed Integrated Circuit
VIRHIS Visible Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometer
VLBA Very Long Baseline Array
VLBI Very Long Baseline Interferometry
VM Verification Matrix
VTA Variable Time of Arrival
WAC Wide Angle Camera
WAN Wide Area network
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WC Worst Case
WCA Worst Case Analysis
WCS Worst Case Spectrum
WCu Tungsten-Copper alloy
WD Watch Dog
WDT Watchdog Timer
WG Working Group
WOL Wheel-Off-Loading
WP Work Package
WPD Work Packages Description
WRCP Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary (J-MAG)
Wrt With regard to
ZU Zenith Unit