Where in the sky are the ESASky users looking?


Antonia Vojtekova, Bruno Merin, Ivan Valtchanov, Mattias Wangblad, Henrik Norman, Marcos López Caniego and Nuria Álvarez


ESASky is a science-driven discovery portal providing full access to the entire sky as observed with Space astronomy missions. ESASky portal offers multiple features for scientists and the general public to explore over one million astronomical observations. 

Using the Matomo user analytics tool, we collected thousandths of data points from all the clicks done by all ESASky users over the whole year of 2020 and we analyzed it with machine learning tools. Analysis of users' data will help us understand how is ESASky used and improve their user experience. 

The preliminary results show how our users use the essential ESASky tools, how they interact with new features implemented at the latest release and which parts of the sky do they explore more statistically. In further work, we hope to create a simple recommender system for users based on their different profiles.