Posters in poster session #1


Poster Number Abstract Author
1  Ice Impacts Experiments  Altobelli
2  Automatic crater detection and classification using Faster R-CNN   Bentley
3  Detailed analysis of the landing site for ESA's PROSPECT instrument  Boazman
4  Insights From Modelling How Aeolian-Fluvial Interactions Shape the Surface of Titan  Bohacek
5  Volumetric Calculation of Quantization Error in 3-D Vision Systems  Bohacek
6  Cosmology Likelihood for Observables in Euclid (CLOE): Inference and Forecasts  Cañas Herrera
7  Clustering Properties of Intermediate Young Stellar Objects  Canovas
8  Atmospheric variability in an exoplanet  Changeat
9  Towards panchromatic light-curve retrievals  Changeat
10  5000 eyes on feedback from active galactic nuclei  Circosta
11  A database framework to explore the surface of Jupiter's icy moons in the infrared  Cornet
12  Optimization of the Juice Ganymede phase scheduling with genetic algorithms  Costa Sitja
13  Identifying M dwarf stars towards the Galactic bulge using VVV, Gaia DR3, and Virtual Observatory tools  Cruz
14  Exploring neutron stars' devouring nature through stellar wind studies  Diez
15  CUBIQU: a CubeSat for calibration of Cosmic Microwave Background polarization ground-based telescopes  Dupac
16  Peering into the 30 Doradus star forming region with JWST  Fahrion
18  Spooky Action: A Brief Proof of Quantum Reality  Grieger
19  ESA Brainstorming on Astrobiology  Günther
20  The ESA-powered Antarctic telescope  Günther
21  Multi-band photometric observations of exoplanet transits  Heras
22  White dwarf star studies from Gaia and the Virtual Observatory  Jiménez-Esteban
23  X-ray lighthouses observed through a relativistic looking glass  – what we can learn from the pulse profiles of
 accreting X-ray pulsars 
24  10 years of SALT optical spectroscopic monitoring of Be X-ray Binaries   Kretschmar
25  A study of extreme CIII] 1908 & [OIII]88/[CII]157 emision in Pox 186: implication for JWST + ALMA (FUV+FIR) studies of distant galaxies.  Kumari
26  Enhancing object-type based searches in ESA's astronomical archives extending ESASky's AI capabilities with
 Large Language Models and Retrieval Augmented Generation
27  Interstellar Harmony: Unraveling the Symbiotic Dance of Meteor and 67P Dust Particles  Marin-Yaseli de
 la Parra
28  COSPAR/ISWAT Space weather roadmap 2025-2035 information architecture and innovative solutions working
 groups: progress report
29  Magnetic field and orbital period of NGC 5907 ULX-1  Meeker-Fuerst
30  Remote Sensing of Coastal Upwelling. An astronomer observing the Earth  Mora
31  Solar Orbiter: Science highlights and mission status  Müller
32  Multi-spacecraft study of solar radio bursts with heliospheric and planetary missions  Musset
33  Solar Orbiter coordinated observations: Planning and science exploitation  Nelson


Posters in poster session #2


Poster Number Abstract Author
34  Determining the Influence of the IMF and Planetary Magnetic Field Models on Mercury's Magnetosphere along
 Spacecraft Tarjectories of MESSENGER, BepiColombo and MPO
35  Constraints on the spatial distribution of lunar crustal magnetic sources from orbital magnetic field data  Oliveira
36  Can crustal magnetic field signals be detected during the BepiColombo flybys?   Oliveira
37  Machine learning techniques applied to cluster galaxies  Pérez Martínez
38  Transit Timing Variations and Radial Velocity of the long-period exoplanetary system TOI-4409  Reller
39  A billion ways of using Gaia data  Roegiers
40  The versatility of XMM-Newton investigating the extreme accretion regimes of Be/X-ray binaries.  Rouco Escorial
41  Quasi-periodic eruptions from super-massive black holes  Saxton
42  Discovering vanishing objects using the Virtual Observatory  Solano Márquez
43  The D/H ratio in the nearby ISM and the Big Bang!  Sonnentrucker
44  Plasma Composition Evolution in a Solar Flare - The Effect of Reconnection Outflow  To
45  Empowering researchers with comprehensive data access for the ESA´s JUICE mission  Vellard
46  JWST and synergies:comprehensive taxonomy of planetary systems  Verdugo
47  Exploration of exoplanet atmospheres with machine learning  Vojtejová
48  Using all the pieces of the puzzle: integrating geomorphology and reflectance spectra in Mercury's
 Rachmaninoff basin
49  From the cluster to the clouds – a journey from the massive OB stars to the youngest, disk-bearing objects of
 the young star cluster NGC 602
50  MLOps integration on Datalabs  Zuili