Activity Venue Day Time Registration Description
GenIA Competition Hotel Aranjuez Tues, 23rd All OPEN All polls to match images and talks are now closed
Trivia Fun Night Hotel Aranjuez Tues, 23rd 21:00 CLOSED Shared your knowledge with your colleagues while
having a good time
Zumba class Hotel Aranjuez Wed, 24th 8:00 OPEN Activity organied in Posters room. Those interested just show up
Social Activity
RFs & YGTs
Madrid Thu, 25th 17:00 CLOSED BOWLING. Place to be confirmed
RFs & YGTs dinner Madrid  Thu, 25th 21:30 OPEN Restaurant Hakuna Matata 
 (if you are interested and you didn't sign up, contact the organisers)
Control Rooms Tour  ESAC  Fri, 26th 10:00 CLOSED  TBC



Hotel meeting rooms for the social activities