15 November 2018: 3rd announcement

Registration for the 53rd ESLAB symposium is now open. Deadline for early registration is 20 January 2019. As announced before, abstract submission is open and the deadline to submit abstracts is 9 December 2018. Please remember to also register if you send in an abstract.


15 October 2018: 2nd announcement

Our website for the 53rd ESLAB Symposium: the Gaia universe officially opens today, with our call for abstracts. Abstract submission is now open so please submit your abstracts before the deadline of 9 December 2018. Registration is expected to open in a few weeks.


The 1st announcement (June 2018)

Gaia DR2 took place on 25 April 2018. The scientific community has since been using the data intensively exploring topics ranging from the Solar System to quasars. In the first month after the release, tens of publications using Gaia DR2 data have appeared on the preprint servers. In one year time, one can anticipate a wealth of studies having been completed. Early 2019 is an excellent time to see the progress made with the Gaia data and to get together at ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands from 8 until 12 April 2019. The ESLAB #53 "The Gaia Universe" conference will cover all research areas addressed by Gaia. Mark this week in your agenda. After summer 2018, further details on registration and abstract submission will be provided.