Venue of the 53rd ESLAB Symposium


The 53rd ESLAB symposium: "the Gaia universe" will be held at the Space Research and Technology Centre of the European Space Agency (ESA/ESTEC), located 35km south-west of Amsterdam International Airport.

ESTEC is a secured site and access is only granted to registered participants and only with a valid passport or valid identity card. Security registration on Monday morning will provide you with an ESTEC visitor pass. This visitor pass, which should be worn visibly at all times, will be valid for the duration of the conference but access to ESTEC during the rest of the week requires you to bring this pass plus valid photo identification on every single day. Security checks of bags may take place at any time / at any location. The conference room (Einstein/Newton) and the restaurant are both in security zone 1 and are accessible to participants. Security zone 2 and 3 areas are off limits for registered participants.


Visiting address:
European Space & Technology Centre
Keplerlaan 1
2201 AZ  Noordwijk (The Netherlands)

Postal address:
European Space & Technology Centre
P.O. Box 299
2200 AG  Noordwijk (The Netherlands)


The 53rd ESLAB Symposium will be held in rooms "Newton" and "Einstein". You can find these rooms as follows. Enter the building through the main entrance, then take a left at the ESTEC main reception, continue walking and keep left until you see a coffee corner. The "Newton" and "Einstein" rooms can be found behind the coffee corner.