The ASST's remit involves multiple tasks, which include acting as a focus for the involvement of the broad scientific community. With the agreement of ESA, the ASST therefore has established a Working Group structure to be populated by members of the community. These Working Groups are intended to bring the expertise and effort of that community to bear in support of Athena. The Working Group structure aims to provide continuity with that developed for the submission of the Hot and Energetic Universe White Paper, Supporting Papers and successful Athena mission proposal, but at the same time offers the opportunity for new contributions from individuals who might be willing to join the Athena project in its present phase.

Visitors are also referred to the Athena Community web page of the Athena Community Support portal.

Working Group Structure

The top-level Working Groups along with their subgroup structures and names of panel chairs is described in the organigramme available at the Athena Community Office.

Lists of Panel Members

The list of panel members is available under the Athena Community Office web pages.