ESA Study Team

During the Assessment Phase of the Athena mission a number of ESA experts from different technology discipines will support the study. Initially the mission design baseline will be elaborated in the ESTEC Concurrent Design Facility (CDF), with the support of many sub-system experts from the Technical and Quality Management Directorate. Subsequently the study will be carried out in industry by two competitive parallel contracts. The ESA study team includes:

Frederic Safa, (acting) Study Manager

Mark Ayre, Spacecraft Study Manager

Alex Stefanescu, Payload Study Manager

Anne Pacros, Science Instrument Module Study Manager

Matteo Guainazzi, Study Scientist

Erik Kuulkers, Telescope Scientist

Jan-Uwe Ness, Science Operatiion Scientist

Martin Linder, Payload Study Manager and cryogenics

Matthias Ehle, Science Operations Study Lead

Jakob Livschitz, System Engineer (Athena & LISA Science Ground Segments)